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Image Processing

Photoshop techniques and more: Learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to digital photo processing and find out what the experts think about the latest imaging tools for your PC.

Workflow, Start To Finish Part 2
10 key steps to perform on your select images
Workflow, Start To Finish Part 2In the first part of this three-part workflow series, we looked at downloading and browsing images after your shoot.

Seeing In Black-And-White
How to identify the elements that make for better black-and-white photographs
Seeing In Black-And-WhiteWhat exactly draws photographers to the black-and-white image?

Fast Portrait Fixes
Smooth and soften skin, improve tone and even enhance facial geometry in a few easy steps
Fast Portrait FixesPortrait retouching is a fine art in itself, and it can be really time consuming to achieve meticulous results.

New In Lightroom 5
How to use upright and the advanced healing brush, two of our favorite tools in the latest upgrade
New In Lightroom 5The newest version of Adobe's popular Photoshop Lightroom 5 adds several features that further expand Lightroom's ability to handle the entire photo workflow, from organization to processing and sharing.

Convert To Black & White
How to transform your color images into stunning monochrome
Convert To Black & WhiteMy photography career began 30 years ago as a photojournalism student in college.

5 Essential Photo Enhancements
Postprocessing adjustments you’ll need for every image
5 Essential Photo EnhancementsNo matter what you're shooting or how you're shooting it, there are a few areas in which almost every image can be improved.

Painter For Photographers
Add fine-art effects to your photos with these software techniques
Painter For PhotographersCorel Painter may not be as well known as Photoshop among photographers, but it offers some very exciting ways of working with photographs and producing artistic interpretations that just aren't possible with any other program.

From Color To Black&White
The simple switch from color to grayscale isn’t enough—to make beautiful black-and-white photos, you need a more refined approach
From Color To Black&WhiteBlack-and-white photography is easier than ever. Rather than relying on specialized film, papers and chemistry, photographers are now free to take pictures and then decide to make them black-and-white.

Mastering Control Points
Harness the full potential of Nik Software’s unique image-enhancing solution
Mastering Control PointsFar easier to use than the complicated layers and masking implemented by Photoshop and other workhorse imaging applications, Nik Software's U Point technology for highly controlled and efficient selective image editing is exceedingly simple to use and yet totally powerful in capabilities.

Sharpen Like A Pro
Use these tools to bring out the sharpness your camera and lens are capable of producing
Sharpen Like A ProLet's acknowledge the elephant in the room right away: Sensors don't automatically give you the optimum sharpness from your lens, regardless of the lens quality.


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