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What's A Body To Do?

Q)  In advertisements for various camera models in newspapers and magazines, I frequently come across the term "body only." What does this mean?

Dave Livingstone
Via e-mail

A)  A term you frequently see when looking at SLR cameras, film and digital, it means you get the camera body without a lens (although it should come with everything else that's normally included with the camera-instruction manual, battery, charger, software, camera strap, etc.).

Why? Since SLRs have interchangeable lenses and since manufacturers usually standardize their lens mounting systems, it's possible you already have lenses that could be used on the new camera. Or you might not want the "kit" lens and opt for purchasing a lens separately.

Batteries Revolting?

Q)  True or false? NiCd rechargeable batteries fully charged, sitting in a digital camera, not having been used for several months—these batteries are still fully charged.

Jerry Shubert
Via e-mail

A)  False. It's a reality of the chemical structure of rechargeable batteries that they lose power even when they're not being used. It's not uncommon for a battery to lose 1% of its charge each day. So don't leave batteries sitting on chargers all day, every day! Follow the directions that came with your batteries and charger. Pop them on the charger every few weeks to keep your camera ready for action.

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