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October 2005 HelpLine

Diagnosing Computer Problems

    * Software Problems Are Hard
    * Card Readers
    * JPEG Revisited

Lindsay Miller Published in HelpLine

Let's move on to the software side of things. You mentioned that you tried reinstalling the software and that didn't help. Here's a key that I believe can help when reinstallation doesn't seem to work: Instead of reinstalling the software, uninstall it. During the install process, some applications check for existing drivers, and if they're installed, they don't reinstall them. If you have a corrupt file, it will stay corrupt. You might wonder why the install process doesn't just clear everything out and start over again. Well, if software components are shared among several applications and the components have been updated recently, you wouldn't want an application to overwrite those components with older versions (although this does happen).

Uninstalling software can be done fairly easily. On Windows systems, use Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. On both Mac and Windows systems, check to see if an uninstall program (specifically for removing the software) was installed with the original application or if there's one on your software disc.

Readers Respond To Readers

Q)  Why should you use a card reader to download pictures rather than work directly from the camera? I thought I read this in one of your articles, but I can't find it anywhere.

Faith Koch
Via e-mail

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