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Friendly Skies For Memory Cards?

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    * FAQ On PSD To Tiff
    * Scans For The Memories
    * The Spin On DVD Compatibility

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If you think that in the future you might want to print larger, you should stay with a larger file size. While interpolation algorithms built into image-editing software can be amazing in how they create "new" pixels, they still can't beat the original pixels found in a larger file.

The higher resolution may add more time to the process, from the actual scan to working with the images in the computer. I suggest you do a simple test with a couple of images that you're going to be scanning. Run both workflows and determine if the benefits are noticeable to you.

The Spin On DVD Compatibility

Q)  I recently made a slideshow on a DVD to play on a friend's computer, but her computer had a difficult time playing it. It played fine on my computer and another friend's computer. Am I doing something wrong?

Rowen G.
Via e-mail

A)  It could be that your friend's drive has a problem or it could be a problem with interchange among media. There's no easy answer. While I use DVDs on a regular basis, the whole issue of compatibility among drives and media can be a little scary. Let me pass on this information from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).



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