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March/April 2004 HelpLine

A Change In Perspective

    * Correcting A Leaning Tower
    * Waiting For My Prints To Come
    * Inflating File Sizes
    * Driving Partitions
    * Keeping All Your Pixels

DPMag Published in HelpLine

RAID 0 (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Discs) will give you higher speed performance from the disc pair. Think of RAID 0 as writing your data in parallel on both discs. The downside is that if you lose one disc, you'll lose all your data.

Keeping All Your Pixels

Q)  In the December 2003 issue, a question was asked about saving a Name.JPEG as Name1.JPEG to keep from over-compressing the file and losing too much detail. If you open a JPEG file in Photoshop and then save it as a Photoshop file, or a TIFF, will you maintain detail (pixels) and avoid recompression?

Dan Stiegler
Via e-mail

A)  When you open the JPEG-compressed file in any program, you're not decreasing image quality. If you always then save to the program file (such as a .psd file for Photoshop) or TIFF, you avoid recompression. This is the best method to use to retain quality in an image. This process changes the file type (as it's no longer a compressed file), but it doesn't change what's in the image.

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