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Reboot For Performance

Q)  My question deals with "USB Effects" in the March/April 2006 issue. In your answer to the question about getting maximum performance from a computer, you stated, "I reboot my computer and start up only my image-editing application." How is this done?

Jerry Hollie
Via e-mail

A)  Simply reboot the computer and then start only the image-editing program. In other words, don't first check e-mail, listen to music or run some other application if you want to get maximum performance out of your computer. I don't even start these applications and then quit them—that's why I say to reboot and then start the image editor.

I'm the first to admit that I do this infrequently—usually when I'm working with large images that stress system resources such as a panorama with several images all coming from 16-bit RAW files, or if I'm printing a large picture.

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