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I hope that Katie and Rory will have success both with their file recovery and their life together. While the first anniversary gift is paper, I hear the second anniversary gift might be changed from cotton to memory cards!

Batchin' It

Q)  Are there any programs that allow selecting multiple JPEG files and sizing all of them at the same time? For example, I want to take photos to display on eBay and size them to 400x400 all at once rather than one at a time.

J. Clark
Via e-mail

A)  Most of the popular image-processing programs and image-browsing software can do what you want. Look under the file menu of your program and you should find an item that can be used for adjusting a series of images. In Adobe Photoshop Elements (, it's located under Batch Processing. In Adobe Photoshop CS, it's found under the Automate menu item. In Jasc Paint Shop Pro (, it's under Batch > Process. In Ulead PhotoImpact (, it's called Batch Convert. In ACD Systems ACDSee (, you select the photos you want to change, go to Tools, then Resize.

The options for batch processing images vary with the software you use. Some programs offer simple resizing, which would work to display pictures on the Internet. They also may change file types, in case you need to convert a disc full of TIFFs to JPEGs, for example, so that the media card reader can display your images on the TV.

The software might also be able to batch rename a series of files from, for example, DSC0001, DSC0002, DSC0003 to MilfordSound001, MilfordSound002, MilfordSound003.

Some applications take batch processing into a more advanced realm. They allow you to run a series of image-editing steps on each file. You could add things like a copyright or watermark to your images. You also could run a sharpening filter on each image or make them all black-and-white.



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