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    * The Honeymoon Is Over
    * Batchin' It
    * Megapixels And DPI

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    * The Honeymoon Is Over
    * Batchin' It
    * Megapixels And DPI

The Honeymoon Is Over

Q)  My husband and I quit our jobs after our wedding to live in Oaxaca, Mexico, as an extended honeymoon. We had two months of wonderful photos on our digital camera memory card when our camera took a two-foot drop to the ground. It turns out that the SD memory card now has a short in it and we seem to have lost everything! Is there a way to recover a memory card that seems to have a short in it?

Katie and Rory
Via e-mail

A)  If it was just an accidental deletion or some other error, you might have success with file recovery software; however, I wouldn't chance it with a hardware failure. With a confirmed short in your memory card, my guess is that any chance of recovering your images will come from a professional file recovery service. There are usually advertisements for a couple of companies in PCPhoto. Here are a few to try: MediaRECOVER (, LC Technology RescuePRO (, FlashcardFIX ( and Total Recall ( Don't forget to let the recovery service know that your card was damaged and that you're not trying to recover a deleted file.

For those of you going on extended trips, this scenario brings up some important points to consider. First, don't keep all your photos on the card in the camera. Download and protect your images regularly. Many photo labs will now do this for you and put them onto a CD. You also can use several memory cards for added protection.


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