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January/February 2005 HelpLine

Image Organizing

    * Bringing Order To Your Images
    * Red-Eye Myth
    * Choose The Right Disc
    * CF Card Differences
    * Resolving Resolution 

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The other option is to position the flash unit farther away from the axis of the lens so that the reflection of the flash off of the retina, while still present, is directed away from the lens and isn't captured in the final image. Having a flash that sits higher above the camera or using an accessory flash will help.

Maybe your friend's camera has a flash that's farther away from the lens axis or he was using a red-eye reduction feature.

Choosing The Right Disc

Q)  I'm a photographer from the old school. Practically everything I know about digital photography, which isn't much, I learned from the pages of this magazine while preparing myself for the transition to digital technology. I'm confused with CDs and DVDs, CD-Rs and CD+Rs, CD-RWs and CD+RWs, DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs, DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs. Please explain this to me and tell me which are the most practical.

José J. Rodriguez
La Verne, California

A)  Let's begin at the end of each term and work backward. R stands for recordable, meaning the disc starts out blank and you're able to write or burn data to it. Once the data is written, it can't be erased. Think "writing with a pen." RW stands for rewriteable. Think "writing with a pencil." After you've written your data, you can tell your RW drive to erase a file and replace it with another.

One comment to those of you archiving your images to discs: Just like you wouldn't want to write an important legal document in pencil (a last will and testament, for example), you wouldn't want to archive your images to a RW disc. While the pen and pencil analogy is an oversimplification of the technologies, the advice is still applicable.



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