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Image Organizing

    * Bringing Order To Your Images
    * Red-Eye Myth
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    * CF Card Differences
    * Resolving Resolution

Bringing Order To Your Images

Q)  I'm in transition between film and digital. I'd like to be able to drag around the photos to create a preferred sequence of images on the hard drive so it's easy to locate images in a directory at a later date. For example, we spent three weeks in Bisbee in March; while there, we did many day trips. Those day trips usually ended up in their own dated directory and the need to resequence is minimal. However, the three weeks in Bisbee needs sorting to make a better presentation, not only for slideshow generation, but for archiving.

Dave Moffat
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

A)  Keeping track of thousands of images from various trips can be a daunting task. While digital cameras do some work identifying files with date and time created, the file naming is cryptic at best. You're on the right track with managing your images immediately upon return from your trips. Otherwise, you'll end up with folder upon folder of files named img00001.jpg.

I recommend you batch-rename all your files within a given folder. Name them something that makes sense as to the location and date, for example. Programs like iView Media ( and ACDSee ( make it easy to do this. Drag and drop images into the order you like, select all the images, then batch-rename them. This way, no matter where they're seen, the order will remain constant.


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