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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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Resampling For Size

Q)  I would appreciate some help on resizing photos, particularly when to resample. Here's a scenario: I upload an image from my camera, and Photoshop Elements shows the resolution at 72 pixels per inch. I want to print the image at 4x6 at 300 dpi. Where in the procedure would it be best to resample?

Brian B.
Via e-mail

A)  You can make the needed changes in one step. However, I like to do it in two parts, leaving the resampling (which is interpolation) off until the second part. I first make changes just to see how big an image I can get based on a desired printing resolution for the image of 200 to 300 ppi/dpi.

In other words, with resampling turned off (unchecked), I change the ppi/dpi of the image to 200 or 300 and see what the new image dimensions are. This lets me know if I have enough resolution in the original file to make my print. If I do, I use the appropriate resolution size without resampling because I don't need to do any interpolation. If the image is larger or smaller than what I need, then I can size the image using interpolation, meaning checking the resample box. If you do resample an image to change its size, you'll usually need to sharpen it slightly, too.

A final pointer: If you decide to redo the size of your image after you've already interpolated it once, start over with the original image. Avoid re-interpolating an image.

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