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Whether you're just learning photography basics or you need some advice on an advanced photo technique, our How-To section offers tips for shutterbugs at every level.

On Location With Dave Stoecklein
Get a behind the scenes look at creating a major advertising campaign
On Location With Dave StoeckleinAgainst a backdrop of natural beauty at the Bar Horseshoe Ranch in Mackay, Idaho, photographer David Stoecklein gives us a unique perspective of what goes in to creating his iconic shots of the American West

Get Started With Light Painting
This simple technique is fun and funky, and it never goes out of style
Get Started With Light PaintingMany photographers will tell you that they are painters of light, which sure enough may be true

Don’t Shoot on Green Screen
Why photographers should not use green screens when shooting for composites
Don’t Shoot on Green ScreenEvery once in a while, while referring to the creation of multiple photographs with the intention of compositing them together in a finished blended image, someone will use the phrase “shoot it on a green screen.”

Five Ways To Black And White
A handful of great options for converting color images to black and white
Five Ways To Black And WhiteBack in the good ol’ days of the darkroom, creating a black and white photograph was easy

Choose The Right Lighting Setup
Here’s what you need to know to choose the right lighting gear for you
Choose The Right Lighting SetupSo you want to improve your photographs by improving your lighting

Layer Masking Tips
Layer masks are at the core of Photoshop’s power
Layer Masking TipsI started working with Photoshop way back in the early ‘90s, so I remember a time when Photoshop lacked what today I consider its most powerful tool

New Backgrounds With Nothing But Light
Don’t change your background, change your light
New Backgrounds With Nothing But LightChanging the look of the background is discussed

Delicious Memories
Real-life food photography at home
Delicious MemoriesWith the booming age of food photography, foodie blogging, cookbooks and food stylists, where does this leave the everyday cook?

The Painterly Image
Add artistic appeal to—or even alter the reality of—a favorite photo
The Painterly ImageFor most photographers, taking pictures is only a part of the creative image-making process.

Workflow, Start To Finish, Part 1
How to efficiently import and organize your images
Workflow, Start To Finish, Part 1My shutter seems like it's going to catch on fire at my current frame rate.

Unexpected Subjects
How to find art in the discard pile
Unexpected SubjectsA year and a half ago, I paused outside the house with the red door just long enough to hang my iPhone out the car window to tap a photo of the realtor's sign.


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