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Whether you're just learning photography basics or you need some advice on an advanced photo technique, our How-To section offers tips for shutterbugs at every level.

January/February 2005 HelpLine

Image Organizing

    * Bringing Order To Your Images
    * Red-Eye Myth
    * Choose The Right Disc
    * CF Card Differences
    * Resolving Resolution 

Trade Tricks: Layer Masks
Gain more control over your photos with this key image-processing tool
Trade Tricks: Layer Masks

While they're not particularly intuitive and may discourage photographers who could benefit from using them, Layer Masks are an essential tool when working in an image-processing program. As you'll see, they're worth the effort required to learn them.

The Power Of JPEG
Capture outstanding photos from JPEG-saved images by following these shooting guidelines
The Power Of JPEG

The two primary shooting formats for digital cameras are JPEG and RAW. JPEG is a file compression format that offers superb image quality when used correctly, while RAW is an excellent format for photographers who either need it or like working with it, but it isn't for everyone.

March/April 2005 HelpLine

Memory Cards Vs. Film

    * When Digital Film Isn't Film
    * Caught In The RAW
    * Making It On Television
    * ƒ-Stop Exposé

Choosing A Camera For...
What inspires you?
Choosing A Camera For...

We may share a passion for photography, but we don't all shoot the same subjects or like to work in the same way. Camera manufacturers understand this, and as most digital cameras now have ample resolution for excellent output, manufacturers are distinguishing their models by designing them for a variety of uses.

May 2005 HelpLine

Airport Security And Digital Files

    * Card Safety
    * Why Not JPEG For Everything?
    * Will My Pixels Be Alive In 2525?
    * Increasing File Sizes

June 2005 HelpLine

Viewfinder And Glasses

    * Eyepoint Revealed
    * Digital Projection Format
    * Memory Card Considerations

Trade Tricks: Easy Color Management
For the best prints, take control over your color
Trade Tricks: Easy Color ManagementWhen your goal is to create a beautiful print, understanding basic color management is a key component in the digital darkroom. Because monitors and papers are two completely different media, it's important to realize your print isn't going to be an exact match of what you see on your screen. If you continually test your printer's capabilities, however, much like you would with various filters and papers in a traditional darkroom, you may end up developing interesting techniques. What really matters in the whole process is whether you like your end result.

Better Travel Photos Made Easy
Go for the great shots you can hang on the wall or use in a dramatic slideshow of your trip
Better Travel Photos Made Easy

Before most of us have visited a particular location, whether exotic, foreign or domestic, usually we've seen it first in photographs. The images themselves sometimes inspired us to go, and in many cases, they gave us ideas about what to see and where to explore. Invariably, photography is linked to travel.

July/August 2005 HelpLine

JPEG Reloaded

    * Saved By JPEG
    * Timing Of File Saving
    * It's All In The Name

Trade Tricks: Family Snapshot
Create a custom book to capture a slice of your child's early years
Trade Tricks: Family Snapshot

Unpacking some old boxes in storage, I stumbled on a relic from my childhood: a book by Dr. Seuss entitled My Book About Me. It's intended for young children and attempts to capture all of the little details of the child's daily life. The book lets the child be coauthor, filling in details from his or her height and weight to the number of steps to the nearest mailbox and all kinds of other facts and trivia. I was happy that my parents had helped me make this record, and it was a blast learning that when I was five, I wanted to grow up to be either a fireman or a magician. I guess editor falls somewhere in between.


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