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Whether you're just learning photography basics or you need some advice on an advanced photo technique, our How-To section offers tips for shutterbugs at every level.

May 2007 HelpLine

Making Workflow Work

    • Raw File Processing
    • The "Oh-Really?" Factor

Make Your Best Prints Ever
A step-by-step guide to perfect digital photo printing
Make Your Best Prints Ever

One of the great joys resulting from the change to digital compared to shooting film is the ability to get great photo prints optimized for the subject and photographer. Everyone who used to try to get a good, custom print from a slide or negative knows what a challenge that used to be. There were multiple visits to the lab when an image didn't print right and had to be reprinted. Or often, you'd just accept the print as is because it was "good enough," and any changes weren't worth the back-and-forth with the lab. You probably know what I'm talking about.

March 26, 2007 HelpLine
Interpreting Interpolation
Q) When I'm resizing my images, I'm given several different options for interpolation. People tell me to use bicubic, but there are two sub-options. Which should I be using?

Digital Photography Glossary
Check out common terms you need to know for digital imaging
Digital Photography Glossary

To master the art of digital photography, there are some essential terms and concepts you need to know. Here you'll find explanations of the key technologies and photography terminology to help you get the most from your camera and equipment.

March 19, 2007 HelpLine

Dust In The Wind
Q) Now that I've switched over from film to digital, I'm fighting one problem that nobody told me about-namely, dust. Why didn't I have this problem with film?

March 12, 2007 HelpLine

Making Contact…Sheets
Q) I'm looking for a program that will permit me to make and print out proof sheets that I can file with my photo CDs. A long time ago I did this with my negatives and it was very helpful.

March 5, 2007 HelpLine

Playing Your Cards Right
Q) I've followed your recommendation about using a card reader instead of connecting my camera directly to my computer. But I'm not sure of formatting. It seems to be working fine. but I'm not sure I'm choosing the right option.

M. Donavan
Cincinnati, Ohio

February 26, 2007 HelpLine

Hyper About Hyperfocal
Q) I was out taking some photographs this weekend and a fellow who was nearby was suggesting that I should be setting my lens to a hyperfocal distance. I had no idea what he was talking about.

February 19, 2007 HelpLine
Examining EXIF
Q) I'm looking for the perfect photo organizer. Most of those I've tried, if you try to organize images by their date, want to use the date they get from the EXIF data for the image.

Fine-Art Conversion
Turn a fun snapshot into an art shot
Fine-Art ConversionRecently, my good friend Karen Ippolito e-mailed me a fun self-portrait. Karen is a good photographer and a talented artist who has taken many creative photographs with her Canon EOS 5D. However, for this self-portrait, she used a tiny point-and-shoot digital camera.

Clean Up The Background
Remove distractions to enhance your subject
Clean Up The BackgroundIn my workshops, I used to tell students that the background was almost as important as the main subject. Today, I tell them that it's just as important as the main subject and that it can make or break a photograph. When we're traveling, we don't always have control over our subject's surroundings, so we may have to take photos with backgrounds that distract from the subject.


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