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Whether you're just learning photography basics or you need some advice on an advanced photo technique, our How-To section offers tips for shutterbugs at every level.

How To Up-Res An Image File
Increase the pixel dimensions of photos while minimizing loss of quality
How To Up-Res An Image FileI recently sent an image file to a client who had plans to enlarge it to more than five feet wide for a trade show display

Give New Life To Old Lenses
A variety of inexpensive adapters opens up a whole new world of lens options
Give New Life To Old LensesAs much as I hate to admit it, when it comes to my gear, I can be a bit of a cheapskate

Layer Images To Eliminate Noise
Composite Multiple Exposures for Powerful Noise Reduction
Layer Images To Eliminate NoiseAs great as digital camera sensors have become at combating noise, this film-grain-reminiscent interference can still rear its ugly head

Getting Creatively Unstuck
To get beyond the obvious in photography, just think sideways
Getting Creatively UnstuckThere’s a technique I preach when teaching students about arranging tabletop still-life photographs

How To Future-Proof Your RAW Files
A combination of an open-source file format and an online backup plan will keep your RAW files viable for years to come
How To Future-Proof Your RAW FilesIn a back room of my studio we have a half dozen file cabinets jammed full of negatives and transparencies from the good ol' film era

Catalog Photography How-To
Shoot Through A Glass Tabletop To Make White Background Shots Easy
Catalog Photography How-ToSometimes it's the simplest shots that require the most carefully crafted techniques

The Professional Print
Outside the digital stream of quickly forgotten images, the fine-art print endures
The Professional PrintWith a camera on every smartphone and the explosion of photo capturing and sharing, we're constantly surrounded by images.

Your Studio Online
Free and paid services to create your portfolio website
Your Studio OnlineFor photographers who want to earn money with their craft, a presence on the web isn't really optional anymore.

Split Toning Three Ways
Add depth and dimension to black & white images with subtle color toning
Split Toning Three WaysIn the days of the darkroom, smart photographers didn’t settle for simply making a pleasing black and white print

Let Patience Yield The Magic
Finding new perspectives in over-photographed surroundings
Let Patience Yield The MagicEarlier this year, my daughter and I visited the Magic Kingdom.

The Painterly Portrait
Re-create classic paintings for a fun, artistic spin on portraiture
The Painterly PortraitWhile studying the painting, I observed the shadow and highlight areas of the painting, as well as the highlights on the girl's hair and arms.


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