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Whether you're just learning photography basics or you need some advice on an advanced photo technique, our How-To section offers tips for shutterbugs at every level.

Playing With Color
Add or remove color for more creative images
Playing With ColorIn Photoshop and in Lightroom, as well as in most image-editing apps, we can control the color in our photographs.

How To Find A Lens’ Sharpest Aperture
A simple test can determine which ƒ-stops provide the sharpest pictures
How To Find A Lens’ Sharpest ApertureThere’s an old photographer’s rule of thumb that states the sharpest aperture on a given lens can be found about three stops from wide open

Photographing Architecture
Tips for making pro-quality images of iconic buildings when traveling
Photographing ArchitectureWhether your destination is close to home or across the globe, vacation travel presents a chance to photograph interesting architecture.

Underwater World
Bring your summer vacation photos underwater with you
Underwater WorldAs an everyday photographer, I'm drawn to capture the watery reflective mood and shared experience of swimming.

The Great American Camping Trip
Capturing the magic and memories of summertime family fun
The Great American Camping TripSo begins certainly one of my favorite parts of the experience: capturing it all through my lens.

How To Fake A Ring Light Strobe
No Ring light? No Problem.
How To Fake A Ring Light StrobeRing lights are popular light sources, especially for fashion and glamour photography

Making Multiple Exposures In Camera
Three great reasons to try your hand at in-camera multiple exposures
Making Multiple Exposures In CameraDid you know your DSLR might make it easy for you to make in-camera multiple exposures

The Ten Commandments Of Studio Product Photography
Start with the basics to ensure still-life photos are as close to perfect as possible
The Ten Commandments Of Studio Product PhotographyI drafted this list of ten commandments to help these young photographers maximize their chances of tabletop photography success

How To Up-Res An Image File
Increase the pixel dimensions of photos while minimizing loss of quality
How To Up-Res An Image FileI recently sent an image file to a client who had plans to enlarge it to more than five feet wide for a trade show display

Give New Life To Old Lenses
A variety of inexpensive adapters opens up a whole new world of lens options
Give New Life To Old LensesAs much as I hate to admit it, when it comes to my gear, I can be a bit of a cheapskate

Layer Images To Eliminate Noise
Composite Multiple Exposures for Powerful Noise Reduction
Layer Images To Eliminate NoiseAs great as digital camera sensors have become at combating noise, this film-grain-reminiscent interference can still rear its ugly head


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