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Whether you're just learning photography basics or you need some advice on an advanced photo technique, our How-To section offers tips for shutterbugs at every level.

Taking Wing
When inspiration arrives in your own backyard
Taking WingInspiration can come to visit at anytime.

Balanced Illumination
Shutter speed is the key to mixing flash with ambient light
Balanced IlluminationLow-light flash photography can be frustrating, especially when you're new to it.

Exploring Fall Colors
Capturing the essence of autumn and the change of seasons
Exploring Fall ColorsWe come inside with dewy shoes and arms full of firewood.

Histogram Exposure Adjustments in Lightroom
Get hands-on by clicking and dragging histogram elements to adjust exposure, brightness and contrast
Histogram Exposure Adjustments in LightroomWe all know what a good histogram should look like, right?

Retouching Multi-Layered Files
Three techniques to make spotting and retouching easier when working with layers in Photoshop
Retouching Multi-Layered FilesThe thing that really makes Photoshop an invaluable editing tool, in my opinion, is its ability to process images with layers

How To Build A Book Light
Produce beautiful portrait light, no softbox required
How To Build A Book LightI’m always studying soft lighting techniques in hopes of refining my portraiture repertoire

Get Higher Resolution With a Tilt-Shift Lens
Make your lens wider and the resolution greater with this tilt-shift technique
Get Higher Resolution With a Tilt-Shift LensMost photographers who employ a tilt-shift or perspective control lens do so for one of two reasons

Stranger In A Strange Land
Photo philosophies for making meaningful people pictures on location
Stranger In A Strange LandWhen we travel, either to the other side of the world or to the other side of the country, making good people pictures can be a rewarding experience.

Make A Photo Book
Services to design and print a beautiful, shareable keepsake of your summer adventure
Make A Photo BookAfter a trip to Moscow in the summer of 2000, I had two choices on how to catalog my travel photos to show off to my friends and family.

Liquid Landscapes
Create evocative images from watery surfaces
Liquid LandscapesReflections are the beauty of a childhood imagined.

Three Great Uses For A 50% Gray Layer
This Photoshop editing technique is powerful
Three Great Uses For A 50% Gray LayerThe whole idea behind editing an image on different layers in Photoshop is to employ non-destructive editing


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