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Whether you're just learning photography basics or you need some advice on an advanced photo technique, our How-To section offers tips for shutterbugs at every level.

Sharpness Is Essential
Tools and techniques for perfect focus
Sharpness Is EssentialIf you're going to make money with your photography, you absolutely have to make sure your images are sharp.

What You Can Learn From Shooting JPEGs
RAW files need more processing than you might be providing
What You Can Learn From Shooting JPEGsI've been a RAW shooter for several years now, but that doesn't mean I’ve mastered every aspect of the format

Fine Art Of Printmaking
Master photographer Art Wolfe crafts prints to bring his culture and wildlife images to life
Fine Art Of PrintmakingIn this video, Art Wolfe talks about presenting his work and the importance of fine art printmaking.

The Beauty Of Available Light
Location, timing and creativity are the keys to out-of-the-studio portraits
The Beauty Of Available LightWhen many people think of a professional portrait photographer, this often conjures up images of someone like Richard Avedon, darting around frantically with a light meter, taking readings from all different angles in a high-paced and frenetic setting at a large industrial space.

Art Of The Diptych
When two is better than one
Art Of The DiptychWe strive in photography to shoot "the shot," often concentrating on one singular image at a time.

How To Shape Hard Light
The tools that tame a contrasty specular light source
How To Shape Hard LightSoftboxes and umbrellas—and the soft light they produce—really seem to get all the love.

Reverse Engineering Instagram
Recreate the lo-fi look of your favorite filters with Photoshop
Reverse Engineering InstagramIn the early days of cell phone photography, I resisted the trend

Evolution Of A Medium
John Paul Caponigro's stunning images are the nexus of personal tradition and printing technology
Evolution Of A MediumJohn Paul Caponigro talks about the formative influence of his parents on his creative attitudes and expectations.

How To Build And Use A V-Flat
This multi-purpose modifier can be a reflector, a flag and a background
How To Build And Use A V-FlatIf you’re outfitting a shooting space of any sort, from huge studio to converted garage, one of the most useful tools is a V-flat

How To Photograph Butterflies
Six simple techniques for photographing lovely Lepidoptera
How To Photograph ButterfliesRecently I found myself anxious for the arrival of warm weather and craving a bit of outdoor photography

The Prints Are The Legacy
Greg Gorman crafts bold black and white photographs that reveal the essence of the superstars he photographs
The Prints Are The LegacyGreg Gorman gives insight on how he uses the interplay between highlights and shadows in his evocative images.


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