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Whether you're just learning photography basics or you need some advice on an advanced photo technique, our How-To section offers tips for shutterbugs at every level.

Split Toning Three Ways
Add depth and dimension to black & white images with subtle color toning
Split Toning Three WaysIn the days of the darkroom, smart photographers didn’t settle for simply making a pleasing black and white print

Let Patience Yield The Magic
Finding new perspectives in over-photographed surroundings
Let Patience Yield The MagicEarlier this year, my daughter and I visited the Magic Kingdom.

The Painterly Portrait
Re-create classic paintings for a fun, artistic spin on portraiture
The Painterly PortraitWhile studying the painting, I observed the shadow and highlight areas of the painting, as well as the highlights on the girl's hair and arms.

Lighting For Success
Three simple, classic portrait lighting setups that will generate income
Lighting For SuccessThree types of portraits have generated a lot of business for me through the years: executive headshots, sports portraits and beauty shots. I

From Flat To Fairy Tale
Use special-effects software—and your imagination—to add feeling to an image
From Flat To Fairy TaleWhen I teach digital enhancements, I suggest to my students that the subject itself often recommends a certain special effect, filter or plug-in.

Sharpness Is Essential
Tools and techniques for perfect focus
Sharpness Is EssentialIf you're going to make money with your photography, you absolutely have to make sure your images are sharp.

What You Can Learn From Shooting JPEGs
RAW files need more processing than you might be providing
What You Can Learn From Shooting JPEGsI've been a RAW shooter for several years now, but that doesn't mean I’ve mastered every aspect of the format

Fine Art Of Printmaking
Master photographer Art Wolfe crafts prints to bring his culture and wildlife images to life
Fine Art Of PrintmakingIn this video, Art Wolfe talks about presenting his work and the importance of fine art printmaking.

The Beauty Of Available Light
Location, timing and creativity are the keys to out-of-the-studio portraits
The Beauty Of Available LightWhen many people think of a professional portrait photographer, this often conjures up images of someone like Richard Avedon, darting around frantically with a light meter, taking readings from all different angles in a high-paced and frenetic setting at a large industrial space.

Art Of The Diptych
When two is better than one
Art Of The DiptychWe strive in photography to shoot "the shot," often concentrating on one singular image at a time.

How To Shape Hard Light
The tools that tame a contrasty specular light source
How To Shape Hard LightSoftboxes and umbrellas—and the soft light they produce—really seem to get all the love.


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