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Whether you're just learning photography basics or you need some advice on an advanced photo technique, our How-To section offers tips for shutterbugs at every level.

Making Cookies (The Photographic Kind)
Create lighting textures and patterns with homemade modifiers
Making Cookies (The Photographic Kind)I love cookies. I’m not talking about the edible kind (though I do love those too)

Build A Speedlight Softbox
An easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself flash modifier
Build A Speedlight SoftboxWhen it comes to modifying my speedlight, I’ve always been a bit of a do-it-yourselfer

How To Photograph Cars
Learn about photographing cars the right way by doing everything wrong
How To Photograph CarsDid you ever find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation trying to pull off a tremendous photograph

D-I-Y Beauty Shot Mode
Some cameras have a built-in beauty shot mode
D-I-Y Beauty Shot ModeHere’s how to recreate the effect in camera and in post

Mastering Low-Light Flash Fill
Balancing flash with ambience is an easy way to craft masterful lighting
Mastering Low-Light Flash FillLow-light flash photography can be frustrating, especially when you're new to it

Master the Art of Shooting Sunrise and Sunset
Harnessing the full power of the magic hours
Master the Art of Shooting Sunrise and SunsetWe hear it all the time: sunrise and sunset are two of the best times to shoot because of the quality of sunlight during these “magic hours"

Ten Reasons To Use A Tripod Other Than Long Exposures
Think you know why you need a tripod? Think again
Ten Reasons To Use A Tripod Other Than Long ExposuresStop me if you’ve heard this one before: You should use a tripod when you shoot with slow shutter speeds to make long exposures

His Pictures Look Better Than Mine! It Must Be The Camera!
Fight camera envy with an understanding of how some photos get their good looks
His Pictures Look Better Than Mine! It Must Be The Camera!I recently received an email from an old friend who is also a new photographer

Multi-Image Compositing Tips - Part Two
How to combine multiple exposures in the computer
Multi-Image Compositing Tips - Part TwoLast week we covered my favorite in-camera tips for making multiple image composites

Tips and Tricks for Multiple Exposure Compositing
Part One: In-camera compositing tips
Tips and Tricks for Multiple Exposure CompositingThere’s an old saying that it’s always better to get a shot right in the camera whenever possible, as opposed to fixing it in post

Build Your Own Strip Light
Creating custom light modifiers is inexpensive and easy
Build Your Own Strip LightThere are all sorts of studio gadgets and light modifiers that I would love to add to my arsenal


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