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Our reviews of digital photo storage devices will help you settle on a solution for keeping your catalog of images safe and sound.

Toolbox: Cloud Storage
Online services and software for protecting your image archive
Toolbox: Cloud StorageLong-term archival solutions are problematic.

Storage Solutions
Hardware and services for safeguarding your photos
Storage SolutionsA smart photo-backup strategy is one of the best investments you can make.

External Storage
Add extra capacity as you need it for backups of your expanding photo library
External Storage

Toolbox: Max Storage
High-capacity external drive options for constantly expanding image libraries
Toolbox: Max StorageImage resolution is constantly getting bigger and better, and now that most new DSLRs are beginning to offer HD video capabilities as a standard feature, it’s more important than ever to have enough room for keeping all of your files organized and backed up.

External Storage
Big-capacity drives to safeguard your growing media library
External StorageChances are, you’re storing a lot more digital media on your computer than even just a year or two ago.

Toolbox: Photo/Video Storage
Huge capacities and fast transfer speeds are making this an exciting year for external hard drives
Toolbox: Photo/Video StorageThanks to ever-increasing image file sizes and the convergence between photo and video, external hard drives are having a technological renaissance.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Storage
Make room for more photos and backups with these external solutions
Buyer's Guide 2009: StorageEvery photographer needs a backup strategy. Trust us when we tell you that hard drives fail, and when they do, you'll be really glad you had copies of your photos and other irreplaceable files on multiple drives. External storage solutions like those included here offer an affordable, convenient way to safely archive your photo library. Desktop drives offer the most capacity for the best price and come in a range of models and configurations. Portable drives give you the extra security of taking a copy of your files with you wherever you go. They're also handy for backing up photos when traveling with a laptop.

Toolbox: External Storage Solutions
Smart image backup solutions for home and on the go
Toolbox: External Storage Solutions

They say you never can be too thin or too rich. If you're a digital photographer, you can add "have too much disc space" to that list. As camera resolutions grow and shooting in the RAW format becomes more common, hard drives fill quickly with all the digital images you accumulate.

Toolbox: Photo & Multimedia Viewers
Portable viewers provide a big screen for review and backup storage while on the go
Toolbox: Photo & Multimedia Viewers

Many digital cameras are now sporting large, high-resolution LCDs, which are terrific for composition and limited review of images. We're glad to see these larger screens, but for an even better mobile viewing experience, multimedia viewers are hard to beat.

Buyer's Guide 2008: Digital Storage
Make room for your high-resolution images and backups, too
Buyer's Guide 2008: Digital Storage

You don't have to shoot long with today's multi-megapixel cameras to see your hard drive space be quickly consumed. And it's not just running out of storage space that should motivate you to look for alternative storage options.


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