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From big display prints to fast proofs, there’s a digital photo printer that’s made for the job. We review them all, here.

Fine-Art Printers
The best inkjets for making gallery prints from your desktop
Fine-Art PrintersIn a world dominated by digital image files and social-media sharing, the physical photographic print is rarer—and more impressive—than ever.

Desktop Photo Printers
The best printers to consider for at-home photo printing and the technology that makes them great
Desktop Photo PrintersBefore you make a printer purchase, here's what you need to know about the technology that makes beautiful desktop prints a reality.

Toolbox: Printers For Pro B&W
Printers and ink sets for superior black-and-white prints that last a lifetime
Toolbox: Printers For Pro B&WWhether in a home or in a gallery, the fine-art print may just be the antidote for digital overstimulation, and with black-and-white images making the perfect choice for long-lasting fine-art prints, there never has been a better time to look at what's available for printing stunning black-and-whites.

Ultimate Photo Printers
Give your images the finish they deserve when you print with these fine-art inkjets
Ultimate Photo PrintersIt may be easy to share photos online, but it’s no substitute for seeing your favorite photographs nicely matted and framed.

Photo Printers
Make stunning prints that will last for generations with the newest photo inkjet technology
Photo PrintersIt never has been easier to get prints at home that meet or exceed traditional lab prints. If you’re replacing an aging model, inkjet technology has made some big strides forward in the last few years, both in terms of ink formulations and the methods by which ink is placed on the page.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Portable Printers
Be the life of the party with quick prints anytime, anywhere
Buyer's Guide 2009: Portable Printers

Making 4x6-inch, photo-quality prints at home and on the go has never been easier. There are several excellent snapshot printers on the market. Most are reasonably priced and easy to use. Many print directly from your camera or memory card, allowing you to make prints without booting up your computer. Some even run on battery power. And all of those that we've included here produce great-looking prints. How to choose, then?

Buyer's Guide 2009: Fine-Art Printers
Don’t call them desktops—the latest generation of inkjet printers produces gallery prints at impressive sizes
Buyer's Guide 2009: Fine-Art PrintersInkjet printers have been outstanding for years now, but the latest generation really advances the state of the art. As camera resolution has increased to easily support it, the trend is toward making larger, 13x19-inch printers the best printers possible for photographers. The 13x19-inch print is big enough to display beautifully when framed and hung on a wall, yet not so big that a few quickly fill up all of your wall space.

Buyer's Guide 2008: Photo Printers
Make your best prints in your favorite sizes faster and more easily than ever before
Buyer's Guide 2008: Photo Printers

With such a wide range of photo printers on the market today, printing at home is an even more appealing option for getting your digital images out of the camera and onto paper than it has been in the past.

Toolbox: 10 Awesome Photo Printers
From big display prints to fast proofs and everything in between, there’s a photo printer that’s made for the job
Toolbox: 10 Awesome Photo Printers

Choosing the best photo printer for your needs may mean choosing more than one printer. We’ve come a long way from the one-size-fits-all office inkjets—with specialty photo printers ranging from fast and portable mini-printers for quick proofs and 4x6s to pro-quality, large-format printers for making frame-worthy display prints.

Short Reports: Canon PIXMA Pro9000
This fast, pro-level inkjet does stunning large-format prints at an affordable price, and the bundled software makes great output easy
Short Reports: Canon PIXMA Pro9000

Here's a large-format inkjet photo printer (up to 13x19 inches) that offers excellent image quality, lots of control when you want it and simple operation. Producing dynamite digital photo prints quickly, the Canon PIXMA Pro9000 uses 6144 nozzles to distribute eight long-lasting dye-based Canon ChromaLife 100 inks in precise two-picoliter droplets—some 11 million of them per square inch-on a variety of Canon photo papers. The inks are in separate tanks, so when one color runs low, you need only replace that color, not an entire color ink cartridge.


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