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Monday, January 29, 2007

Think BIG!

Photography is all about the details. Larger monitors give you a better perspective on your images.

There are other features to consider when comparing projectors:
• Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of an image to its height. Nowadays, most projectors support multiple aspect ratios, but you should match your intended viewing material to what the manufacturer geared the product for.

• ANSI lumens is a measurement of the overall brightness of a projector. The higher the ANSI lumens, the easier it will be to see an image in a bright room.

• Contrast ratios should be high to get great-looking images. Ratios of 1,000:1 and up will deliver accurate detail and render more saturated blacks. A 400:1 ratio is standard and can be sufficient if the room in which you're in is dark and the screen onto which you're projecting is designed to help increase image quality (see the section on screens).

• Without zoom capability, you'll be manually moving the projector forward and back to achieve a proper size image.

• A projector that has the ability to project a large image from a short or long distance is an asset. Referred to as the throw distance, it can be an especially useful feature, depending on the size of your room.

• Keystone correction helps fit your image on your screen or wall so that it accurately shows the picture in proper form. Without keystone correction, you may again have to prop up or manually move your projector to avoid a trapezoid-looking display. Keystone correction is also beneficial if you need to have your projector at an angle.

Screens For Projectors
While you can project directly onto a blank wall, for the best image quality, you need a good screen. Screens enhance the color and contrast of your images. Models range from small, portable tripod screens with roll-up vinyl surfaces to large, wall- and tension-mounted units geared toward home theater installations.




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