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Monday, January 29, 2007

Think BIG!

Photography is all about the details. Larger monitors give you a better perspective on your images.

Think BIG! If you're tired of squinting to view menu items on your digital camera's LCD or feeling cramped by all of the palettes in Photoshop, maybe it's time to think outside the confines of tiny monitors. Even if you have perfect vision, there's no comparison to the viewing comfort and enhanced usability of screens with more real estate.

LCDs of all types have become larger and less costly over the last few years. A growing number of cameras have broken out of the two-inch LCD boundary, with increasing resolutions, too. LCD computer monitors have seen their prices drop to the point where these desirable peripherals now are quite affordable, and for the ultimate big-screen output, digital projectors have grown in resolution and shrunk in price as well. When it's time to upgrade your equipment, consider the benefits that big displays offer.

Sony LCD  CameraCamera LCDs
From cameras for the casual snapshooter to those for professionals, an increasing number are showing off sizable LCD monitors of 2.5 inches or larger. These displays are 25 to 50 percent bigger than the average LCD, and that extra space offers you important advantages.

Regardless of the type of images you make with your digital camera, you're going to use its menus often. Whether you're setting the white balance or formatting a memory card, a large LCD makes menus easier to read so you can scroll through them and get back to shooting faster.

For advanced compact shooters, the roomier view lets you compose your images more easily and with greater accuracy. And while you can't use a D-SLR's LCD for composition, a larger display provides the same advantages for image review. For all cameras, a larger LCD will help you work faster so you can get the best possible shot before the opportunity passes.


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