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Friday, February 2, 2007

Short Reports: Logitech NuLOOQ Navigator

Make your photo editing more efficient and fun with a unique interface

NuLOOQ ScreenshotNuLOOQ Navigator














I especially liked the ability to adjust my brush size using the Static Value Triggerpoint feature, which allowed me to resize various tools without interrupting my workflow. Simply clicking and then rotating my finger over the Tooltuner dial increased or decreased the size of the brush. I found this especially helpful when using the Clone tool to eliminate dust and other defects from my image.

The device is very customizable and is compatible with not only Photoshop, but also all the software available in the Photoshop Creative Suite. Its Dynamic Value Triggerpoints allow you to assign specific functions or keyboard movements to any of these points, providing a great way to control working with an image.

The NuLOOQ Navigator isn't meant to be a replacement for a mouse or stylus, but a supplement. Using it in tandem with my Wacom graphics tablet, I found myself quickly moving through the image in a way that was a real pleasure. List Price: $79. PC

Contact: Logitech, (702) 269-3457, www.logitech.com.

Standout Features

• Compatible with Adobe Creative Suite

• 360-degree pan and zoom navigation

• Brush-size control and quick access to
commands and shortcuts

• Vary brush width, opacity and flow
without the keyboard

• Windows- and Mac-compatible


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