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Read reviews of today's best computers for digital photography and learn how they can dramatically improve your speed in the digital darkroom.

Enjoy an immersive photo experience with these ultramobile computers
TabletsRemember that unwieldy seven-pound laptop you used to haul with you as part of your photo gear?

Toolbox: Ultraportable Laptops
A new family of laptops are Thinner, lighter and more powerful—but are tablets better for photographers?
Toolbox: Ultraportable LaptopsDubbed the "Ultrabook" class by Intel, who manufactures the processors behind much of the technology, the most diminutive laptops have seen some pretty dramatic changes over the last few years in terms of their performance and design.

Tablets The Ultimate Travel Companion
The iPad and other tablet computers are essential accessories for photographers on the go
Tablets The Ultimate Travel CompanionTablet computers have taken the world by storm, and with good reason.

This year’s hottest tech topic may be the ultimate photo accessory
iPadIt’s tough to miss a new product announcement from Apple these days—the company is playing a major role in reinventing the ways we interact with media and data, with an emphasis on mobility.

Photographers’ Laptops
From the ultra-mobile netbooks to full-featured desktop replacements, there’s a portable computer just right for your photography
Photographers’ LaptopsOne of the joys of digital photography is the instant feedback you get from looking at your images right after capturing them. Whether you’re photographing a family event or traveling on vacation, having a laptop with you that lets you review, organize, back up, enhance and share your images will definitely add to your enjoyment. Even a few years ago, carrying a notebook computer powerful enough for digital imaging was a heavy proposition.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Monitors
Upgrade your digital workspace with a high-res LCD display
Buyer's Guide 2009: Monitors

Buying a monitor for digital photography is one of the most important decisions to make on the computer side of imaging. While a smaller, basic monitor may be fine for web browsing and e-mail, when it comes to digital photography, a large, high-resolution display makes the process a lot easier and more enjoyable. With the monitors we'll suggest here, you'll have room for big images and all your Photoshop tool palettes.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Photo Workstations
Upgrading to a faster, more powerful machine can dramatically improve your speed in the digital darkroom
Buyer's Guide 2009: Photo WorkstationsWith so many factors to weigh, deciding which computer best fits your photographic needs is a challenge. Consider power and expandability first. Dual-core processors now are the standard in today's high-performance notebooks and desktops. With this technology, each chip serves as two processors in one, so the computer performs faster while consuming less power.

Toolbox: Laptops
Take your digital darkroom on the road with these compact computing powerhouses
Toolbox: Laptops

It may not be an absolute necessity, but taking your digital darkroom with you when you travel is definitely a huge benefit for your photography. You can thoroughly review, organize, annotate, edit and back up your photos as you go, so there's less to do when you get home. You also can upload to the Web and create an online gallery of your travels as they happen or send photo postcards.

Buyer's Guide 2008: Displays
Dramatically improve your efficiency and enjoyment of digital darkroom work with a big, bright LCD
Buyer's Guide 2008: Displays

Thinner, brighter and more affordable than ever, LCDs continue to make major strides, delivering outstanding image quality without budget-busting price tags. Compared to now antiquated CRTs, LCDs produce noticeably brighter, sharper-looking images, use half (or less) as much power and take up far less desk space while delivering larger screen sizes.

Buyer's Guide 2008: Ultimate Systems
Upgrade the core of your digital darkroom for a faster, smoother photography workflow
Buyer's Guide 2008: Ultimate Systems

With the Windows Vista and Mac Intel transitions behind us, now is a pretty safe time to consider replacing an aging computer, no matter which platform you prefer. Ample RAM for most photographers' needs is affordable, and many off-the-shelf systems boast solid digital-imaging specifications.


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