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In the market for new digital imaging hardware? Before you invest, read our photography hardware reviews to help you choose the best equipment for your budget.

Fine-Art Printers
The best inkjets for making gallery prints from your desktop
Fine-Art PrintersIn a world dominated by digital image files and social-media sharing, the physical photographic print is rarer—and more impressive—than ever.

Toolbox: Cloud Storage
Online services and software for protecting your image archive
Toolbox: Cloud StorageLong-term archival solutions are problematic.

Storage Solutions
Hardware and services for safeguarding your photos
Storage SolutionsA smart photo-backup strategy is one of the best investments you can make.

Enjoy an immersive photo experience with these ultramobile computers
TabletsRemember that unwieldy seven-pound laptop you used to haul with you as part of your photo gear?

Desktop Photo Printers
The best printers to consider for at-home photo printing and the technology that makes them great
Desktop Photo PrintersBefore you make a printer purchase, here's what you need to know about the technology that makes beautiful desktop prints a reality.

Toolbox: Printers For Pro B&W
Printers and ink sets for superior black-and-white prints that last a lifetime
Toolbox: Printers For Pro B&WWhether in a home or in a gallery, the fine-art print may just be the antidote for digital overstimulation, and with black-and-white images making the perfect choice for long-lasting fine-art prints, there never has been a better time to look at what's available for printing stunning black-and-whites.

Toolbox: Ultraportable Laptops
A new family of laptops are Thinner, lighter and more powerful—but are tablets better for photographers?
Toolbox: Ultraportable LaptopsDubbed the "Ultrabook" class by Intel, who manufactures the processors behind much of the technology, the most diminutive laptops have seen some pretty dramatic changes over the last few years in terms of their performance and design.

Tablets The Ultimate Travel Companion
The iPad and other tablet computers are essential accessories for photographers on the go
Tablets The Ultimate Travel CompanionTablet computers have taken the world by storm, and with good reason.

Toolbox: Projectors
From higher-powered projectors at lower costs to mini-pocket projectors, projection technology is better and brighter than ever before
Toolbox: ProjectorsFor photos that are truly bigger than life, digital projectors can display images in exciting multimedia presentations that incorporate music, complex slideshows and, most importantly, bright and big projections of your photography.

Toolbox: Max Storage
High-capacity external drive options for constantly expanding image libraries
Toolbox: Max StorageImage resolution is constantly getting bigger and better, and now that most new DSLRs are beginning to offer HD video capabilities as a standard feature, it’s more important than ever to have enough room for keeping all of your files organized and backed up.

External Storage
Big-capacity drives to safeguard your growing media library
External StorageChances are, you’re storing a lot more digital media on your computer than even just a year or two ago.


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