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In the market for new digital imaging hardware? Before you invest, read our photography hardware reviews to help you choose the best equipment for your budget.

Toolbox: Projectors
From higher-powered projectors at lower costs to mini-pocket projectors, projection technology is better and brighter than ever before
Toolbox: ProjectorsFor photos that are truly bigger than life, digital projectors can display images in exciting multimedia presentations that incorporate music, complex slideshows and, most importantly, bright and big projections of your photography.

Toolbox: Max Storage
High-capacity external drive options for constantly expanding image libraries
Toolbox: Max StorageImage resolution is constantly getting bigger and better, and now that most new DSLRs are beginning to offer HD video capabilities as a standard feature, it’s more important than ever to have enough room for keeping all of your files organized and backed up.

External Storage
Big-capacity drives to safeguard your growing media library
External StorageChances are, you’re storing a lot more digital media on your computer than even just a year or two ago.

Essential Acessories
Tools and extras for a better photo experience
Essential AcessoriesAhead of the trend toward natural, interactive interfaces, the Wacom Cintiq 21UX offers the most precise way yet to interact with a truly useful, large-format display.

This year’s hottest tech topic may be the ultimate photo accessory
iPadIt’s tough to miss a new product announcement from Apple these days—the company is playing a major role in reinventing the ways we interact with media and data, with an emphasis on mobility.

Toolbox: Photo/Video Storage
Huge capacities and fast transfer speeds are making this an exciting year for external hard drives
Toolbox: Photo/Video StorageThanks to ever-increasing image file sizes and the convergence between photo and video, external hard drives are having a technological renaissance.

Ultimate Photo Printers
Give your images the finish they deserve when you print with these fine-art inkjets
Ultimate Photo PrintersIt may be easy to share photos online, but it’s no substitute for seeing your favorite photographs nicely matted and framed.

Photo Printers
Make stunning prints that will last for generations with the newest photo inkjet technology
Photo PrintersIt never has been easier to get prints at home that meet or exceed traditional lab prints. If you’re replacing an aging model, inkjet technology has made some big strides forward in the last few years, both in terms of ink formulations and the methods by which ink is placed on the page.

Photographers’ Laptops
From the ultra-mobile netbooks to full-featured desktop replacements, there’s a portable computer just right for your photography
Photographers’ LaptopsOne of the joys of digital photography is the instant feedback you get from looking at your images right after capturing them. Whether you’re photographing a family event or traveling on vacation, having a laptop with you that lets you review, organize, back up, enhance and share your images will definitely add to your enjoyment. Even a few years ago, carrying a notebook computer powerful enough for digital imaging was a heavy proposition.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Portable Printers
Be the life of the party with quick prints anytime, anywhere
Buyer's Guide 2009: Portable Printers

Making 4x6-inch, photo-quality prints at home and on the go has never been easier. There are several excellent snapshot printers on the market. Most are reasonably priced and easy to use. Many print directly from your camera or memory card, allowing you to make prints without booting up your computer. Some even run on battery power. And all of those that we've included here produce great-looking prints. How to choose, then?

Buyer's Guide 2009: Fine-Art Printers
Don’t call them desktops—the latest generation of inkjet printers produces gallery prints at impressive sizes
Buyer's Guide 2009: Fine-Art PrintersInkjet printers have been outstanding for years now, but the latest generation really advances the state of the art. As camera resolution has increased to easily support it, the trend is toward making larger, 13x19-inch printers the best printers possible for photographers. The 13x19-inch print is big enough to display beautifully when framed and hung on a wall, yet not so big that a few quickly fill up all of your wall space.


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