Camera Supports

Using the right support system can make all the difference between a blurry and a sharp photo or shaky and smooth video clips.
By Kim Castleberry
Using the right support system can make all the difference between a blurry and a sharp photo or shaky and smooth video clips. The key factor is figuring out what kind of shooting you like to do the most and then choosing the most appropriate option. Whether it's a tripod…

Desktop Photo Printers

Before you make a printer purchase, here's what you need to know about the technology that makes beautiful desktop prints a reality.
By William Sawalich
If you're like a lot of photographers, you have a high-quality DSLR and at least a few great lenses. You've spent time and money honing your craft, and you have the skills to produce an outstanding photograph. Maybe you're even a little bit of a tech geek about megapixels or…

Master Your Flash

Start with the basics to take full creative advantage of modern flash systems
By David Willis
Flashes have never been so powerful. The portable, affordable and simple-to-use units pack a lot of punch in an efficient design that can be hidden almost anywhere within a scene, making modern flashes and their wireless capabilities a particularly versatile solution, whether lighting a single subject or orchestrating a complicated…

Using A Teleconverter

Get extra reach with an affordable alternative to extreme tele lenses
By Mike Stensvold
Supertelephoto lenses are really expensive, but worth it for those who can afford the cost, due to their superb optics and AF performance, and fast maximum apertures. But there's an accessory that can give those on a budget access to supertele "reach" at a much lower cost: the teleconverter. PROS…
CAMERA CAGE Make better movies using your DSLR by giving it some solid support from the Redrock Micro ultraCage DSLR. Securing the camera at three points, the handheld rig screws into the camera base, fastens to the top hot-shoe and locks the camera in place with an anti-rotation pin. The…

Tools For Lighting Outdoor Portraits

Gear to add fill and enhance the quality of natural light for stunning portraits
By David Willis
When working with natural light, the singular light source of the sun is difficult to control. It's a large, directional light source, which means it produces a lot of "hard" light that comes from only one direction. This results in high-contrast images with a lot of shadows. There's nothing wrong…
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