External Storage

By Wes Pitts
Maintaining multiple copies of your photos is the only sure way to safeguard your image collection. Longtime readers know I lost several hundred photos back when digital imaging was new and I didn't know any better. (Yes, even brand-new, top-of-the-line computers can suffer a hard drive failure.) Even with the…

On-Camera Lighting

Accessories and light modifiers for controlling speedlight flashes and adding photographic effects
By David Willis
Camera flashes are highly directional light sources. This means that the burst of light is coming from a single light source, the bulb, resulting in an uneven style of lighting with a brightly lit subject in the foreground and a lot of heavy shadows surrounding the subject. This effect is…

Off-Camera Lighting

Monolight and strobe options for powerful studio lighting capabilities
By David Willis
Monolight and strobe options for powerful studio lighting capabilitiesFor freezing action, creating exciting motion effects or achieving fast shutter speeds and extended depth of field, monolights and strobes are lighting systems that are portable enough for field work and bright enough for work in the studio. Monolights are generally thought…

Tools For Video

By David Willis
With amazingly shallow depth of field, price points that make filmmaking affordable and camera bodies far smaller than camcorders, video-capable DSLRs have changed the world of video forever. Video capabilities were added to still cameras almost as an afterthought, so while the video quality in still cameras continues to get…
CANON EOS 70D The newest addition to the Canon EOS line, the EOS 70D introduces a unique 20.2-megapixel Dual Pixel APS-C CMOS AF sensor. Each pixel contains two photodiodes, which serve to both record the image and perform AF duty for faster focus acquisition, improved tracking and smooth focus transitions…

Monolights & Strobes

Gear options for powerful and fast illumination to capture the action or create amazing effects
By David Willis
Monolights, flashes and strobes are lighting systems capable of timed bursts of light in a rapid sequence. Because the bursts of light are intermittent, they're much cooler to use instead of most traditional continuous light sources, especially important in closed studio environments. Low-heat continuous LED lights are challenging this advantage,…
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