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Friday, April 15, 2005

May 2005

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Hard Copy

Wedding and Portrait Photographers' Legal Handbook by Norman Phillips and Christopher S. Nudo, Esq. (Amherst Media, Inc., 2005; ISBN: 1-58428-148-0). This practical handbook includes sample forms and contracts as well as concise, jargon-free explanations of legal concepts for the working photographer.

Into Your Digital Darkroom Step by Step by Peter Cope (Amherst Media, Inc., 2005; ISBN:1-58428-146-4). Quick methods and well-guided illustrations will assist any photographer in achieving maximum-quality images through various software techniques.

Pro Digital Photographer's Handbook by Michael Freeman (Lark Books, 2004; ISBN 1-57990-632-X). Learn everything you ever wanted to know, plus things you didn't realize you needed to know about digital photography. This comprehensive guide covers digital equipment, shooting methods and creative Photoshop techniques, plus a range of expert advice on editing, backing up files and copyright information.

Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions: The Art of Digital Photography by Mikkel Aaland (Sybex, Inc., 2005; ISBN: 0-7821-4363-6). This reader-friendly guide explores new tools and controls in the latest version of Photoshop Elements to help you expand your skills working with this feature-rich imaging software.

5MP Compact With Anti-Shake
With a large two-inch LCD screen for easy viewing, the new DiMAGE Z5 from Konica Minolta features 5-megapixel resolution, Anti-Shake CCD technology and a zoom range of 35-420mm (35mm equivalent). The camera boasts a fast startup time and has a rapid autofocus of 0.2 seconds at wide angle and 0.3 seconds in telephoto. Price: TBA. Contact: Konica Minolta, (800) 285-6422, www.konicaminolta.us.
MediaGear's Push-Button Reader/Writer

Push-Button Card Reader

Insert your memory card into MediaGear's 10 in 4 Push-Button Reader/Writer, push its copy button and relax while the device transfers your images to your computer's hard drive. The reader even creates a new file folder for your images so you won't need to use a mouse. The unit accepts popular media card formats and interfaces with your computer via a fast USB 2.0 connection. Estimated Street Price: $35. Contact: MediaGear, (714) 564-7719, www.mymediagear.com.


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