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New Gear: March/April 2014

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New Gear: March/April 2014


The compact Sirui VH-10 Professional Fluid Video Head weighs only 1.98 pounds, yet can support camera/light systems weighing up to 13.2 pounds. A built-in, 4.4-pound counterbalance system helps keep everything level. The Quick Release Platform lets you easily adjust the camera for ideal balance, while the panning resistance is preset to provide smooth 360° pans (and can be locked in position, when desired). Two bubble levels help keep things perfectly aligned. List Price: $199. Contact: Argraph,


For photographers who have a preference for wide-angle lenses, DxO offers ViewPoint 2 for easily solving perspective problems caused by lens distortion. An eight-point mode makes it possible to fix convergent lines, with a Natural setting shortcut to manage intensity. ViewPoint 2 provides a database categorizing over 15,000 combinations of cameras and lenses, and provides automatic calibrations to correct these distortions. Full manual control is also available. An Advanced Cropping feature gives a crop that preserves photo proportions and resolves darkened areas. List Price: $79. Contact: DxO,


Lapse It is a full-featured app for making time-lapse and stop-motion videos with your mobile device. There are no restrictions as to capture length or number of frames. You can insert soundtracks, adjust the frame rate, apply effects filters, and adjust focus, white balance and exposure. Projects can be rendered to MP4 and MOV, and uploaded directly to your social networks. The Pro version lets you make videos in resolutions from 240p to 1080p, the free version, only a lower resolution. Lapse It is available native for iOS and Android. List Price: $1.99 (Pro version); Free (basic version). Contact: Lapse It,

PicPlayPost is an all-in-one app that lets you create multimedia collages from your smartphone combining still photos, video and audio tracks into a single frame. With video, you can add effects to videos and still images, play videos in sequence or simultaneously, choose from 36 fully adjustable frames, and rotate images and video inside frames, among other personalizations. The new iOS 7 version lets you add up to six videos per project (four in iOS 6 and earlier). Once you've finished your collage, share your project on social-networking sites (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.). List Price: $1.99. Contact: Flambe Studios,

Bringing the classic analog flipbook into the digital world, Flipagram creates short videos from your digital images. This is a great platform for telling a short story using a small series of photos or recapping an entire event with "best-of" images. Once you've identified the photos, music and desired length of your video on your smart device, Flipagram will autoformat a microvideo for you to share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social-media platforms. List Price: Free. Contact: Cheerful, Inc.,

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