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March/April 2013

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March/April 2013

Hard Copy

The Digital Zone System: Taking Control from Capture to Print by Robert Fisher (Rocky Nook, 2012; ISBN: 978-1-937538-13-2). This practical guide shows you how to use the Digital Zone System for editing color images, converting images to black-and-white and tone-mapping HDR images. Also included are brief discussions of color management, setting up Photoshop, printing and exposure for digital images.

Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective, 2nd Edition by Corey Hilz (Focal Press, 2012; ISBN: 978-0-240-82505-2). The book covers everything you want to know about Lensbaby lenses, optics and accessories. Get technical help and creative tips for mastering each product. Learn how to place your sweet spot of focus, when to shoot wide open versus stopped down, the optics to best create a miniature effect and more.

The Photograph: Composition and Color Design by Harald Mante (Rocky Nook, 2012; ISBN: 978-1-937-53806-4). The book explains the essential elements to achieving the highest level of visual design in photographs. Extensively revised and updated, the second edition includes 60 new images and illustrations, as well as new chapters that cover analyzing shapes and colors.

Top Travel Photo Tips from Ten Pro Photographers by Chuck Delaney and New York Institute of Photography (Allworth Press, 2012; ISBN: 978-1-581-15995-0). Each photographer shares secrets and advice that they have learned from their careers, and relates them in a way that's easy to understand. The book is part of the New York Institute of Photography's Quick-and-Easy Everyday Photography Guide series.

Top Ten Secrets for Perfect Baby & Child Portraitsby Clay Blackmore (Allworth Press, 2012; ISBN: 978-1-581-15994-3). Blackmore, a Canon Explorer of Light, provides insight, background, tips and guidelines for his 10 favorite types of baby and child photos, all based on various lighting situations. The book is part of the New York Institute of Photography's Quick-and-Easy Everyday Photography Guide series.

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