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July/August 2012

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July/August 2012


Give yourself more lens selection when using a mirrorless camera system with lens adapters from Novoflex. The lineup continues to expand with support now for the Fuji Pro X, Nikon 1 and Pentax Q camera systems. If you've thought about trying one of these cameras, the adapters allow you to use nearly all of your old lenses with them. Mirrorless cameras have made lens adapters quite popular partly because some camera makers don't offer a wide range of lenses for them yet. Novoflex has more than 135 available models, including some to fit medium-format lenses to SLR, rangefinder and mirrorless cameras. Estimated Street Price: Varies. Contact: HP Marketing Corp., (800) 735-4373, .


Produce video that looks like a pro took it with help from the Litepanels Croma. Taking the MicroPro a step further, the Croma features adjustable color temperature output that ranges from daylight to tungsten. Changing the color temperature of the Croma to match the ambient light gives images a more natural look. The on-camera LED features two dials. The first one allows you to dim from 100% to zero with no obvious color shift, and the second lets you dial in fill light to any point between daylight and tungsten. Estimated Street Price: $595. Contact: Litepanels, (818) 752-7009,


Show your camera some support with the Vanguard Abeo Series tripods. Magnesium die-cast construction delivers the rigidity and stability needed for carrying a heavy load weight, and the legs securely adjust to 25º, 50º and 80º angles. Thick foam on the legs provides a secure grip, even in wet weather, and the quick-flip leg locks allow for a fast setup and are tension-adjustable. A low-angle adapter lets you get more creative in your shot selection whether capturing stills or video. The tripod comes with either a smooth two-way video head or ballhead, and it has rubber feet that convert to large spikes for shooting on rough terrain. Five models are available. Estimated Street Price: $189 to $269. Contact: Vanguard, (800) 875-3322,


Go for a classic look when transporting your gear in the newly redesigned Billingham 335 SLR Camera Shoulder Bag. The main compartment has four deep pockets for holding cords, memory cards and other important extras. The zipper opening was reworked so the zip panels lie out of the way behind the inside pockets to form the TukTop, which allows the main zip, with its double pullers, to be tucked out of the way when opened. When you're shooting, the zip can remain open and your gear kept out of sight and protected by the main flap. The bag holds two DSLRs, three lenses and accessories. Estimated Street Price: $389. Contact: Billingham (R.T.S. Inc.), (631) 242-6801,


Make sure exposure metering and white balance are spot on using the Novoflex Zebra cards. With anti-reflection coating on both sides, the card's grey side serves as a reference area for exposure metering while the white side ensures accurate white balance. After taking a light reading of the card to perform an exposure measurement or white balance, the camera is set to deliver the most accurate exposure and color under the existing lighting conditions. Two sizes are available. Estimated Street Price: $27 to $34. Contact: HP Marketing Corp., (800) 735-4373,


Light up your next shoot with the Rotolight ANOVA Two, a bi-color LED system capable of reproducing white light from candlelight to full daylight. One dial allows a direct Kelvin calibration of 3150K to 6300K. Other features include wireless functionality and Magic Eye technology that allows you to use an iPhone or iPad to remotely measure color temperature and wirelessly transmit those color settings to the light. List Price: $2,598. Contact: Rotolight (R.T.S. Inc.), (631) 242-6801,
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