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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

January/February 2009

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Gain extended control over your remote flash output with Quantum’s Qflash TRIO QF8. The unit combines a Qflash head that mounts to the camera shoe with a built-in FreeXwire TTL radio transmitter and a QTTL adapter for Nikon and Canon digital cameras. The radio QTTL signals from the TRIO don’t require line-of-sight, like camera optical links, so the TRIO is able to send reliable TTL commands up to 600 feet away, controlling an unlimited number of remote Qflash TRIOs and older Qflash models that have been mated to FreeXwire receivers. Estimated Street Price: $875. Contact: Quantum Instruments, (631) 656-7400, www.qtm.com.

Keep your image library with you using Transcend’s 2.5-inch StoreJet 25C and StoreJet 25M portable hard drives, which now come in 500 GB capacities. The sleek-looking drives come with StoreJet elite software for managing the storage process more efficiently. Some of those features include Website AutoLogin, Mobile Favorites with NoTrace Internet browsing, Secret-Zip 256-bit AES file encryption, Mobile E-mail, backup scheduling, and file compression. The drives have a USB 2.0 interface with transfer rates of up to 480 MBps. List Price: $214 (25C), $207 (25M). Contact: Transcend, (714) 921-2000, www.transcendusa.com.

Add some color to your lighting setup with the LumiQuest FXtra, which provides a quick way of installing and removing colored gels. A starter set of the most popular Rosco gels is included with CTO, 1⁄2 CTO, 1⁄4 CTO, Plus Green, 1⁄2 Plus Green, Sky Blue, Canary Yellow and Fire Red. The FXtra is sized to fit most popular flashes, and the gel pocket also accommodates Lee gel samples. Estimated Street Price: $20. Contact: LumiQuest, (830) 438-4646, www.lumiquest.com.

Take your images on the road with the JOBO X7 Portable Photo Viewer. Combining the features of a digital photo frame and storage viewer, the seven-inch display has 1 GB of internal memory. You can transfer images to a computer via USB or directly from a memory card. It supports CF, SD, MMC, MS and xD cards. The X7 displays images full screen, as individual thumbnail views or in a slideshow. Other key specs include 720 x 480 resolution, a 400:1 contrast ratio, and support for JPEG or BMP file formats. List Price: $189. Contact: JOBO AG, (734) 453-0300, www.jobo-usa.com.

You’ll still have to remove your shoes, but you can send your laptop through airport X-ray screening without having to take it out of the bag using Tenba’s Skooba Checkthrough. The Transportation Safety Administration is changing its rules to allow the screening of laptops inside “checkpoint friendly” bags. Using the Checkthrough, an inspector can see the laptop through a clear window that’s exposed when the bag is unfolded. The bag is designed to hold a 15-inch laptop, but many 16- and slim 17-inch models will fit, too. List Price: $139. Contact: Tenba, (914) 347-3300, www.tenba.com.

Frame your images as works of fine art using the Hahnemühle Gallerie Wrap System. The kit comes with easy-to-use fastening components and stretching frames for making your own wrap. If you’re unfamiliar with wraps, you print your photo on a special canvas, then stretch and mount it to a frame with the image wrapped around the edges. This is work once only done by a frame shop. The Standard version offers sizes from 8 to 24 inches, while Pro ranges from 20 to 60 inches. Estimated Street Price: $40 (13x19-inch wrap). Contact: Hahnemühle USA, (815) 502-5880, www.hahnemuhle.com


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