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New Gear: January/February 2014

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New Gear: January/February 2014


Designed specifically for the female body by female designers, the Kick strap by BlackRapid makes slinging a camera more natural for women. The short shoulder pad includes a built-in curve that "kicks" webbing toward the center of the chest, making the sling placement fit comfortably. The shoulder pad is also thicker and wider than the BlackRapid Elle, and it's compatible with the Brad underarm system for extra stabilization. Estimated Street Price: $61. Contact: BlackRapid,


Phottix has released the Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash, taking a large stride toward integrating flash, transmitter and receiver technology. The Mitros+ combines a hot-shoe flash with built-in radio flash triggering for controlling compatible flashes and other Phottix triggers in TTL or Manual mode, eliminating the need for an external trigger. The transmitter allows for a mix of TTL (with +/- 3 EV adjustments in 1/3 increments) and Manual control (in 1/3-stop increments, 1/1 to 1/128). The flash has a zoom of 24-105mm, AF assist light, high-speed sync and second-curtain sync. List Price: $449. Contact: Phottix,


Sharpen your Photoshop skills with hands-on, step-by-step video tutorials at PhotoshopCAFE. With online tutorials and in-depth DVDs, PhotoshopCAFE makes it simple to learn even advanced special effects and textures from top pros. There's also an active forum where you can get answers to specific questions and connect with a community of photographers. The website is free; prices for DVDs vary. Contact: PhotoshopCAFE,


What do you do with all your lenses when you switch camera brands? Owners of Sigma Global Vision Lenses will be able to take advantage of Sigma's new Mount Conversion Service and convert Sport, Art or Contemporary DSLR lenses to a new mount of their choice, be it Sigma, Sony, Pentax, Nikon or Canon, as long as Sigma has released that product in the requested mount. Additionally, mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras can be switched to a Micro Four Thirds or a Sony E-mount. Sigma is also extending the warranty on all products—cameras, flashes and lenses—to four years. The price for the conversion is $80-$250 per lens, plus shipping costs. Contact: Sigma,


The newest member of Tiffen's Steadicam family, the 0.5-pound Steadicam CURVE is a compact camera-stabilizing system designed specifically for GoPro HERO products. A fine-tune adjustment knob gives precise control over system balance. Ergonomically designed for one-handed use, the handle folds up and locks to frame for storage and travel, and for use as a handgrip. The durable aluminum frame is available in four colors: black, blue, red and silver. Estimated Street Price: $99. Contact: Tiffen,


Moving through our busy lives, we may pass by abandoned warehouses, crumbling building facades or other once inhabited spaces now taken over by decay. In photographer and regular Digital Photo contributor J. Dennis Thomas' new book Urban and Rural Decay Photography: Finding the Beauty in the Blight (Focal Press), Thomas discusses how to capture the beauty of these scenes. He covers a wide array of topics, from basic equipment, composition and HDR techniques, to more advanced storytelling elements, as well as important legal and safety considerations to remember as you approach decaying buildings.
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