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All About Lens Adapters

By Mike Stensvold Published in Lenses
All About Lens Adapters


Here's a rundown of some sources of lens adapters for mirrorless, interchangeable-lens cameras and DSLRs.

Adaptimax provides adapters for pro video cameras, but includes adapters to attach Canon EF and Nikon SLR lenses to Micro Four Thirds System mirrorless cameras. www.adaptimax.com

Among Adorama's wide range of adapters is the Flashpoint Tilt Adapter for Nikon Lens to Micro 4/3. Besides allowing you to mount Nikon lenses on Micro Four Thirds System cameras, this adapter allows you to tilt the lens 12° in any direction thanks to 360° rotation capability. www.adorama.com

CameraQuest distributes an extensive range of adapters to mate DSLR and mirrorless Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX bodies with a wide range of lenses. The website also includes lots of good adapter information. www.cameraquest.com

Dot Line offers an extensive line of adapters to attach SLR lenses to DSLRs and Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX mirrorless cameras. www.dotlinecorp.com

Fotodiox markets a good selection of adapters for DSLRs and Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX mirrorless cameras. www.fotodiox.com

Lensbaby offers a series of versatile special-effects devices. The Composer with Tilt Transformer comes with the popular Double Glass Optic and is compatible with the Lensbaby Optic
Swap optics. It also will accept Nikon-mount lenses, allowing you to use those lenses on Panasonic Lumix G, Olympus PEN and Sony NEX mirrorless cameras, with tilt capability in any direction. www.lensbaby.com

Novoflex provides a wide range of adapters, including some to fit medium-format lenses to SLR and rangefinder cameras, and to fit popular SLR lenses to mirrorless cameras. www.hpmarketingcorp.com

Olympus offers adapters to use Four Thirds System lenses on Micro Four Thirds System cameras, as well as old manual-focus Olympus Zuiko OM-system lenses on both Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds System cameras. With Four Thirds System lenses that are compatible with contrast-based autofocusing, AF capability is retained. www.olympusamerica.com

Panasonic offers adapters to mount Four Thirds System and Leica M- and R-mount lenses on Micro Four Thirds System cameras, while retaining most, if not all, camera features. www.panasonic.com

Redrock Micro offers the LiveLens MFT Active Lens Mount, cited earlier, which mounts Canon EF lenses on Micro Four Thirds System bodies and provides precise control of aperture. www.redrockmicro.com

Samsung offers an adapter to mount K-mount lenses on its NX-series mirrorless cameras. www.samsung.com

Sony provides the LA-EA1 adapter to mount Sony Alpha-mount DSLR lenses (and legacy Minolta Maxxum lenses) on its NEX mirrorless cameras; the new LA-EA2 adapter provides its own phase-detection AF system. www.sonystyle.com

Voigtländer makes lenses and adapters, including adapters for Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX mirrorless cameras. www.voigtlaender.de

Zörk offers adapters to mount medium-format lenses on 35mm and digital SLR bodies, plus adapters that provide shift and tilt capability with enlarger lenses on film and digital SLRs. www.zoerk.com

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