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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Toolbox: Lighting Is The Difference

From light modifiers to complete studio setups, there are lights that will make your photography more radiant than ever before

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Ideal for video-capable DSLRs, the economically priced VL112 mountable LED light source from Flashpoint utilizes 112 LED bulbs for a basic daylight color temperature output of 5500º Kelvin. There’s also a barn-door fixture included for shaping light as needed, and light output also can be dimmed. Estimated Street Price: $79.

Manfrotto has entered the LED lighting space with a new line of lights that provide a singular light source for both video and stills, including HD-capable DSLRs and camcorders. Able to provide continuous light while also working as a high-powered flash, the series ranges in capability from the economy model of the POCKET to the complex capabilities of the MAXIMA. The range currently includes five models, the MAXIMA, MIDI PLUS, MIDI, MINI and POCKET, as well as the AURA 48-LED Ringlite. List Price: Begins at $60.

Subtle changes to an image can make a profound impact, and when using flashes on-camera or off, there are a variety of tools for control over the directional lighting that results from a singular light source such as a flash.

Sto-Fen offers simple diffusion solutions with Two-Way Bounce Units for bouncing light for a more flattering and even spread, and an Omni-Bounce flash diffuser, which also is available in gold or green for adding warmth and correcting fluorescent lighting, respectively. Estimated Street Price: $16 (Two-Way Bounce); $19 (Omni-Bounce).

The Rogue FlashBenders from ExpoImaging are shapeable light modifiers that attach to most popular shoe-mount flashes, including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Quantum, Sony and others. They can be bent into varying forms as snoots, bounces, curved reflectors and more to accurately bounce or shape light as needed. They are available as a Large Positionable Reflector, Small Positionable Reflector and Bendable Bounce Card/Flag, and the whole set comes in a three-piece kit. List Price: Begins at $29; $104 (Rogue 3 Piece FlashBender Kit).


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