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Monday, June 25, 2007

Toolbox: Flash

Enlighten your photography with the illumination of accessory flash

Toolbox: Flash Sony HVL-F56AM
Guide Number OF 183 feet / 56 meters at ISO 100
Compatible with a wide variety of Sony camera models, the Sony HVL-F56AM has auto-zoom capability from 28mm to 85mm and extra-wide-angle coverage down to 17mm when using the included wide panel. Sony claims high-speed synchronization with any fast shutter speed, and the flash also functions as a wireless slave unit with an included mini-stand for easy positioning off-camera. The foot auto-locks to the hot-shoe, and light emissions are selectable. The head swivels right to 90 degrees and left to 180 degrees, and bounce starts at 10 degrees, extending to 90 degrees. Estimated Street Price: $341.

Toolbox: Flash Pentax AF-540FGZ
Guide Number OF 148 feet / 54 meters at ISO 100
The AF-540FGZ offers a variety of flash functions, including P-TTL auto-flash with preflash light metering, TTL auto-flash, auto-flash, manual flash, high-speed synchronization and wireless P-TTL. Flash exposure compensation is easily adjusted through a manual dial, and a modeling light strobes the flash for one second prior to image capture for the photographer to check for unwanted details or highlights. Other flash sync modes include trailing-shutter-curtain sync, contrast-control sync, high-speed sync and leading-shutter-curtain sync. The AF assist beam aids focus in low-light situations. The bounce ranges from -10 degrees to 90 degrees, and swivel capability runs 180 degrees to the right and 135 degrees to the left. Estimated Street Price: $340.

Toolbox: Flash Quantum Qflash T5d-R
Quantum's Qflash T5d-R interacts with Canon, Nikon and other systems for wireless TTL operation. While not a typical on-camera flash, the T5d-R can operate as one (with an optional mount bracket) or as a system of slave units, up to as many as needed. A manual mode allows adjustments from full to 1⁄2 to 1⁄64 power levels in 1⁄3-stop increments. The power, number and frequency of the strobe also can be manipulated for exploratory and aesthetic needs in the stroboscopic mode. The T5d-R features eight storable program settings, audible and visual correct exposure confirmation, a removable reflector, and angle and bounce head adjustment. Some features require optional accessories. Estimated Street Price: $580.

Toolbox: Flash Panasonic DMW-FL360
Guide Number OF 118 feet / 36 meters at ISO 100
Available for the popular Panasonic Lumix series of cameras, the DMW-FL360 external flash mounts through a hot-shoe for TTL feature control and automatic metering. The angle zoom function covers a lens range from 24mm to 85mm, and the built-in wide panel extends coverage down to 18mm. The DMW-FL360 also features bounce and swivel capabilities. Estimated Street Price: $299.


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