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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Benefits Of Continuous Lighting

Constant light sources are great solutions for both still and video because what you see is what you get

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Interfit Super Cool-lite 9
LEDs are versatile, and they have been designed as solutions for a number of standard lighting situations, including everything from compact hot-shoe-mountable lights, to extremely flat LED panels for hiding in a scene, to large 500K- and 1000K-output-equivalent fixtures for lighting up an entire set. Light-modification tools won't affix to many current LED fixtures without some sort of rigging, though, and the throw from most LED lights is often limited, so it's best to position them as close to the subject as possible in most cases.

F.J. Westcott Ice Light
Designed for extremely fast setup in a minute or less, the Rifa eX systems from Lowel offer the best of both worlds, with removable, low-wattage, tungsten-halogen Rifa eX lampheads that can be swapped out for high-CRI (Color Rendering Index), daylight-balanced fluorescent bulbs. There are several eXchange models in the line: the Rifa eX 44 with a maximum 300-watt output, the Rifa eX 55 with 500-watt output, the Rifa eX 66 with 750-watts and the Rifa eX 88 for up to 1000-watts of throw. Estimated Street Price: From $329 (Lowel Rifa-Lite eX 44 Softbox Light).

Rotolight Anova LED
The Constellation3 daylight fixture from Photoflex will house three CoolStar CFL fluorescent bulbs for up to 450 watts of daylight-balanced output or three 1000-watt Starlite tungsten-balanced bulbs for a maximum output of 3000-watts. (It can also use 2-pin G9.5 lamps for halogen light output when used with a Bi-Pin Adapter.) Each of the three lamphead sockets has an individual power switch for employing each bulb individually or in tandem. The Constellation3 will fit all Photoflex medium, large and extra-large softbox models. Estimated Street Price: From $309.


Bron Kobold DW800
Need big power and have a big budget? HMI (hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide) is a high-end option specifically designed for use in video and filmmaking thanks to massive amounts of light throw, efficient power usage and nicely rendered daylight temperature output. Because of the sophisticated power needs (HMI lights require separate power ballasts) and very high quality of light output, HMI lights are much more expensive than comparable fixtures like tungsten or fluorescent.

Bron Kobold offers three compact and durable HMI lampheads outputting 200-, 400- and 800-daylight-watts, respectively: the DW200, DW400 and DW800. Each fixture is available with an optional PAR reflector (similar to a car headlight) for enhanced output and an adapter for softboxes with five-inch rings. There are other accessories for changing the shape of the light, and a separate Bron Kobold AC Ballast purchase is required to run the light with proper voltage. Estimated Street Price: From $1,189 (DW200).

K5600 Joker-Bug 200W
K5600 Lighting's daylight-balanced Joker-Bug HMI line provides a maximum output of up to a comparable 6K quartz light with the top-of-the-line Joker-Bug 1600. For more general use, the series starts simply enough with the Joker-Bug 200W HMI PAR lamphead with an output that's comparable to a 750/1000-watt quartz fixture at a power draw of only 3 amps. The compact fixtures in the Joker-Bug line are sized for meeting efficient lighting needs in small scenes and interviews, and there are several fitted accessories available for shaping and controlling the light. Estimated Street Price: From $1,225 (Joker-Bug 200W HMI PAR).


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