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Flash & Lighting

From digital camera flashes to lighting kits, there are a lot of options to help you take more control over your images; we review them all, here.

Tools For Lighting Outdoor Portraits
Gear to add fill and enhance the quality of natural light for stunning portraits
Tools For Lighting Outdoor PortraitsWhen working with natural light, the singular light source of the sun is difficult to control.

Flash Modifiers
Make your portable flash more capable of professional results
Flash ModifiersWhether artificial or natural, light that comes from a single source is directional and harsh, which results in images that have a lot of contrast and heavy shadows.

Toolbox: LED Continuous Lights
The next generation of led tools for working with stills and video
Toolbox: LED Continuous LightsFrom small camera-mountable units to larger studio setups, LED (light-emitting diodes) lights are "cool" in more ways than one.

Creative Lighting For Portraiture
Affordable lighting setups that can dramatically improve your images
Creative Lighting For PortraitureEven a very basic lighting setup can add a powerful punch to a portrait while providing far more control over exposure, shutter speed, image noise and aperture in your camera.

Toolbox: Outfit Your Flash
Accessories give your flash powerful abilities for affordable and creative lighting solutions
Toolbox: Outfit Your FlashLearning how to control your light is the first step toward producing professional-looking images. This used to involve a complicated studio setup with strobes, power supplies and plenty of gear to shape your look

Step Into Studio Lighting
Monolights are an ideal low-cost, high-power, easy-to-use studio lighting solution
Step Into Studio LightingIf you're ready to step up from handheld flashes to more powerful and accessory-ready, studio-style strobes, consider monolights.

Toolbox: Lighting Is The Difference
From light modifiers to complete studio setups, there are lights that will make your photography more radiant than ever before
Toolbox: Lighting Is The DifferenceTry the creative use of lighting for a variety of in-camera effects, and also for achieving total control over a scene for perfect exposures every time.

Flash & Lighting
Make better exposures with lighting solutions that work best for you
Flash & LightingMastering the tools to control light is one of the most effective ways to improve your skills as a photographer.

Portable Studio
Create dramatic portraits on the road with today’s lightweight equipment
Portable StudioI spend much of my year traveling the globe creating images, from shooting editorial assignments in remote Honduran jungles to teaching photo workshops in the shifting sands of the Gobi Desert.

Flash & Lighting
Choosing the right accessory flash and other useful lighting tools for perfect exposures
Flash & LightingFor capturing exciting images and well-balanced exposures, a flash is an indispensable tool that can greatly expand the creative possibilities and quality of your photography.

How To Build A Camera System
Selecting cameras, lenses and accessories for your favorite subjects
How To Build A Camera SystemWhen you buy a D-SLR, you're choosing more than just a camera—you're selecting a system of lenses and accessories, as well. Camera features like sensor size and resolution, metering and autofocus technology, exposure modes and so on are all important considerations; but you'll also want to look beyond the camera at the range of additional options available for the models you're evaluating.


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