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Flash & Lighting

From digital camera flashes to lighting kits, there are a lot of options to help you take more control over your images; we review them all, here.

Flash, Monolights & Strobes
Tools for creating perfect illumination
Flash, Monolights & StrobesFor the ultimate in high-speed photography, nothing can beat a strobe, flash or monolight.

High-Power Monolights
For versatility in and out of the studio, these high-output strobes are ideal
High-Power MonolightsWhen it comes time to invest in in serious strobe lighting, many photographers opt for the versatility of monolights.

Off-Camera Lighting
Monolight and strobe options for powerful studio lighting capabilities
Off-Camera LightingMonolights and strobes are lighting systems that are portable enough for field work and bright enough for work in the studio.

On-Camera Lighting
Accessories and light modifiers for controlling speedlight flashes and adding photographic effects
On-Camera LightingCamera flashes are highly directional light sources.

Monolights & Strobes
Gear options for powerful and fast illumination to capture the action or create amazing effects
Monolights & StrobesMonolights, flashes and strobes are lighting systems capable of timed bursts of light in a rapid sequence.

Pro Light With Flash Modifiers
Use these key accessories to refine the output of your portable speedlights
Pro Light With Flash ModifiersModern on-camera flashes are so powerful that many photographers are looking at them as a primary light source, and not just for events.

Benefits Of Continuous Lighting
Constant light sources are great solutions for both still and video because what you see is what you get
Benefits Of Continuous LightingWith continuous lighting, what you see is what you get, and that makes it simple to adjust light positions and output as needed.

Instant Portrait Studio
Five essential tools for creating stunning portraits at home
Instant Portrait StudioEver thought of opening your own portrait studio?

Continuous Lights For Still & Video
Constant lighting solutions, from traditional fixtures to new led systems
Continuous Lights For Still & VideoContinuous lighting solutions have seen a lot more attention over the last few years thanks to the need for a constant light source that will provide illumination for both stills and video.

Studio Strobes
Monolights for premium studio light
Studio StrobesWhen people refer to a monolight or a strobe, they're talking about a light that produces a short, but very powerful burst of light for illuminating a scene or a subject and, when used to their maximum abilities, for freezing the actions of a subject or achieving high levels of sharpness in a scene.


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