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Camera Bag Reviews

The market is flooded with camera bags, cases and backpacks. Trust our camera bag reviews to help you select the right solution for protecting your gear wherever you go.

Bags & Cases
From compact slings to full-sized cases, there's an ideal carrying solution for every photographic expedition
Bags & CasesWhen taking your photography out on the road, it’s essential to have the right bag to carry the right equipment.

Toolbox: Bags & Cases For Travel
Choosing the right combination for safe transport and quick access
Toolbox: Bags & Cases For TravelThere’s a delicate science to packing the essentials when you’re planning an extended trip.

Bags & Cases
From backpacks to shoulder bags to rolling cases, there's a perfect option for your photography
Bags & CasesThanks to advances in D-SLR technology, including this year’s addition of video capabilities, bag manufacturers have taken an introspective look at their lines and have come up with a wide range of interesting new designs.

Toolbox: Camera Bags
Protect your gear and carry it in comfort with the latest trends & technology in bag design
Toolbox: Camera BagsCamera-bag makers never run out of new ideas, and that’s fortunate because the way we shoot—and the gear we carry—is changing in the digital age. Twenty-first-century travel restrictions, coupled with an increasing amount of gear (film photographers didn’t need laptops) have spurred a gradual evolution of the traditional camera pack. Popular trends currently lean toward comfortable but roomy backpacks and camera bags that don’t look like camera bags.

Toolbox: It's In The Bag
Safe, stylish transport for a variety of gear and situations
Toolbox: It's In The Bag

Whether you're setting out for a big trip or just a day hike, you need a camera bag to protect, organize and keep all of your gear together in one place. The right bag for the job will balance convenience with necessity, and since necessity depends on circumstance, you'll probably want a couple of bags at your disposal: one for daily use and one that can fit most or all of your camera system when you need everything with you.

Toolbox: D-SLR Camera Bags
Travel light with one of these distinctive bags designed for mobility
Toolbox: D-SLR Camera Bags

We're always searching for the perfect camera bag, but much like the Holy Grail, this can prove to be an elusive, if not impossible quest. The result is often multiple bags in a storage closet. Owning several bags can be a very good thing, however—unless you're asking an annoyed spouse.

Bags & Cases
Choose the perfect bag to fit your storage and travel needs
Bags & CasesThere are a variety of options in bags and cases, including shoulder bags, satchels, backpacks, roller bags, sling bags and hard cases.


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