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Monday, March 26, 2007

Toolbox: Photo Filters

They may seem like old tech for the digital photographer, but traditional photo filters are still important photography tools

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Heliopan Circular Polarizer Heliopan Circular Polarizer SH-PMC
The SH-PMC line of Heliopan polarizers uses 16 multicoated layers to reduce reflections by approximately 50 percent. A rotating ring calibrates for easily placed effect. Colors are more striking and contrast is stronger. Estimated Street Price: $67 to $255.

Cokin Digital SLR Kits Cokin Digital SLR Kits

Starter kits are often the best way to get your feet wet. Cokin offers an entire line, the P-Series, for midsized lenses up to 82mm. Available for Pentax, Olympus, Minolta, Canon and Nikon (pictured here), they offer a kit for black-and-white, ND grad, portrait, landscape, wedding, soft, creative and super-zoom. Each kit includes a starter filter, an adapter ring for a standard lens, brochure and a filter box that will hold two filters. Prices vary.

B&W Color Graduated Blue
B+W Color Graduated Blue

This is a simple solution for a sky that isn't blue enough. The graduated blue coloring magnifies the saturation of a pale sky and enriches it without influencing the foreground. List Price: $81.

Hoya 80, 81 and 82 Hoya 80, 81 and 82 Series

These color conversion filters subtly level the temperature of a scene. The 80 series balances to a daylight feel, the 81 series decreases tones slightly for a warmer, reddened temperature and the 82 series cools through a blue tinge. Don't stack the 81s with the 82s, though, as they'll cancel each other out. Estimated Street Price: $13 to $110.


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