Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hot New Tech

Just in case you didn't receive your perfect holiday gift, tech and electronic companies kick off the new year with two festivals full of stuff you didn't even know you couldn't live without: CES and Macworld.
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Hot New Tech

Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC

Looking more like a portable video game system than a computer, the Samsung Q1 Ultra ultra-mobile PC is a powerful little computer that fits comfortably in your hands. The size may fool you into thinking this 1.52-pound UMPC doesn't pack any punch, but it's running Windows XP Tablet OS, includes a 40 or 60 GB hard-drive option and 1 GB of RAM.

The Q1 Ultra features integrated wireless WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet support, an SD slot for expandable storage, a QWERTY keyboard that's split on the left and right sides, and a 1.3-megapixel camera and webcam built-in. With the Q1, you can easily send e-mails, instant-message, type up documents and review, and organize and even edit your photos wherever you are. Estimated Street Price: $799.

PCs With Blu-Ray

The demise of HD DVDs puts Blu-ray on track for widespread adoption in computers. More and more companies are offering Blu-ray optical drives in their computers, especially PC models from Dell, HP and Sony, all of which have desktops and laptops available with these readers and recorders.

Blu-ray discs, with capacities of approximately 25 or 50 GB (single vs. dual layer) explode the storage limits of DVDs, which hold only about 4.7 GB of data. This expanded capacity makes them suitable for backing up an entire image library on a single disc.

Apple Time Capsule

The Apple Time Capsule is a blend of two great ideas: a wireless server-grade backup drive and an AirPort Extreme 802.11n WiFi Base Station. Available in 500 GB and 1 TB editions, the backup capability of the Time Capsule works in direct conjunction with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard's Time Machine software to automatically and wirelessly back up all of your Macs running Leopard. It's one of the simplest and easiest backup solutions we've seen.

In addition to this terrific feature, Time Capsule has all the benefits of Apple's AirPort Extreme, including ultra-fast wireless networking and the ability to share printers and external disks with every computer in your home. List Price: $299 (500 GB); $499 (1 TB).

Intel Penryn

We've all heard of Moore's Law—double the transistors on an integrated circuit about every two years. In practical terms, it means that today's laptops are smaller and faster than even desktop models of just a few years ago. Leaping from 65nm processors two years ago, Intel's 45nm Penryn processor offers higher-core processor speeds, larger caches (reducing the average time to access memory) and faster buses (for data transfer between computer components inside a computer) in an eco-friendly processor that optimizes power.
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