Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Get Mic’d Up!

It's no secret that when shooting video with your DSLR, you need an external microphone if you want to capture quality audio in the field.
By George Petersen Published in Accessories
Get Mic’d Up!


Sure SM58
Type: Handheld Monaural
Pickup Pattern: Cardioid or omnidirectional
Example Models: Audio-Technica 8004L; Shure SM58
Applications: Ideal for visible-mic reporter interviews. Omnidirectional types are often selected for their wide pickup pattern, especially when one mic is shared between two subjects. Long-handled version also offered by several manufacturers.

Audio-Technica Pro70
Type: Lavalier
Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional
Example Models: Audio-Technica Pro70; Countryman EMW
Applications: Comes with clip-on, tie-tack mounts. Ultraminiature mic capsules come in several colors to match skin/clothing colors.

Sennheiser MKE400
Type: Shotgun
Pickup Pattern: Ultradirectional
Example Models: Azden ECZ-990; RODE VideoMic; Sennheiser MKE400
Applications: On-camera mic for distant pickup. Useable on a boom pole or handheld. Often a first-choice mic for on-the-fly documentary, sports or news coverage.

RØDE Stereo VideoMic Pro
Type: Stereo
Pickup Pattern: Cardioid directional
Example Models: Audio-Technica 2022, Pro-24CM; RØDE Stereo VideoMic
Applications: On-camera mic for close-in subjects. Can be used handheld or boom-mounted. Ideal for ambience and music recording, and sound effects collection.

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