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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cool Gear: Bluetooth

This hot wireless standard is changing the way we interact with technology at work, at play and in the car

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Beyond The Digital Darkroom
In addition to wireless applications for digital photography and computing, Bluetooth can be found in devices such as mobile phones and headsets, PDAs, music players and headphones, GPS accessories and even automobiles.

BMW, Acura and other automakers now offer Bluetooth integrated into the car's entertainment and communication system, allowing you to pair your mobile phone with the car to make and receive calls over the car's audio system. When you're on the phone, the music is interrupted and resumes after the call is complete. It's not only convenient, but safer for those on the road with you.

Motorola offers a variety of cool Bluetooth products, from phones to headsets. One out-of-the-box item is its RAZRWIRE Bluetooth sunglasses, designed in partnership with Oakley, which integrate a wireless headset for use with your mobile phone into the frame of some stylish Oakley shades.

What to do with those images on your mobile phone? Nokia's SU-2 Image Viewer connects to your TV or video projector and downloads images wirelessly from your phone for viewing on the big screen. And when on the road, the Nokia LD-1W Wireless GPS receiver delivers tracking information to your phone as a convenient and low-cost alternative to more sophisticated in-car navigation systems. Palm users can also take advantage of GPS positioning via the Palm GPS Navigator.

Bluetooth is just getting started—especially when you consider the many new products available now and in the works, and the broader adoption of the technology in industries as diverse as computing, communications, entertainment and even automotive. So when you're shopping for a new computer, mobile phone or PDA, consider getting one that's ready for the Bluetooth-enabled future.


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