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Get the scoop on the latest digital camera accessories and other cool gear making headlines in the photography world.

Toolbox: Must-Have Optical Filters
Even the best software can't replace them
Toolbox: Must-Have Optical FiltersDigital technology and software have given us enormous control over our images that we didn't have in the wet darkroom, and they have made photography more playful, too.

Water Armour
Cameras, cases, housings and other accessories for shooting seaside, poolside and in the water
Water ArmourHanging out at the pool or on the beach is a rite of summer. It's also a perfect time for expanding your photographic creativity as long as you have the right kind of gear for protecting your camera.

Get Mic’d Up!
How to place a microphone to take your sound recording to the next level
Get Mic’d Up!It's no secret that when shooting video with your DSLR, you need an external microphone if you want to capture quality audio in the field.

Winter-Ready Cameras
The basics of shooting in inclement weather, and the gear that will help you do it
Winter-Ready CamerasWinter provides some great photo ops, but also some problems for the unwary photographer.

The DSLR Microphone Guide
Add a mic to your kit to get the sound that your videos deserve
The DSLR Microphone GuideIf you're a DSLR or mirrorless digital camera owner, there's a good chance that your camera also can capture high-definition video.

Sound Advice For Video
Improve audio dramatically on video-capable DSLRs with microphones
Sound Advice For VideoAudio can make or break a video, and it’s especially important for photographers who are using the more limited sound capabilities of a video-capable DSLR to understand audio and to know how to capture great sound.

Intuos4 Wireless
Lean back and get comfortable—Wacom’s pressure-sensitive control and smart shortcut keys are now available tether-free
Intuos4 WirelessWe love Wacom tablets for photo enhancements. Pressure-sensitive pens give you unmatched control and efficiency with common retouching tasks like cloning and painting layer masks.

Toolbox: Memory Cards
The newest high-res, HD-ready cameras get a boost from high-tech flash media
Toolbox: Memory CardsGiven the constant innovation in digital cameras—from super-high-resolution capture to full HD video and the constantly shrinking form factor—it’s increasingly important that media cards continue to get physically smaller, store more data more reliably and do it all blazingly fast.

Photographer’s Toolbox
Accessories every photographer should know and use
Photographer’s ToolboxAll that’s really needed to take a solid photograph is a camera and lens. But it’s all of those extra gadgets and tools that really end up boosting your images from good to creative, exciting and dramatic.

Gear On A Budget
Affordable accessories to enhance your photography without breaking the bank
Gear On A  BudgetBig-ticket items may have to wait for the holidays, but there are scores of accessories you can use to try new techniques and improve your photo experience without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Tamrac Walkthroughs
Informative videos on Tamrac's more popular packs and accessories.
Tamrac WalkthroughsTamrac, producer of specialized camera bags, cases and backpacks, has provided this informative set of videos exploring the capabilities and detailed construction of a few of its more popular lines. Each presents guided walk-throughs from Tamrac personnel on the features and benefits of each series, stepping viewers through the bag from capacity to comfort factor to build.


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