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Without the right digital photography equipment, you can't produce the work you want to. Get the inside scoop on the latest photo gear to hit the market and learn a few tips for making the most of your setup.

Toolbox: Go Wireless!
Gear and technologies that open new creative possibilities and let you do more away from home
Toolbox: Go Wireless!Photography has always been a relatively mobile art form—even a view camera on a tripod is less burdensome than the tools of the painter or sculptor.

Benefits Of Continuous Lighting
Constant light sources are great solutions for both still and video because what you see is what you get
Benefits Of Continuous LightingWith continuous lighting, what you see is what you get, and that makes it simple to adjust light positions and output as needed.

Instant Portrait Studio
Five essential tools for creating stunning portraits at home
Instant Portrait StudioEver thought of opening your own portrait studio?

Toolbox: Optical Filters for Black & White
Filters for maximizing the potential of black-and-white desaturation methods
Toolbox: Optical Filters for Black & WhiteThe limited palette of black-and-white photography distills the world around us to rich hues and subtle silver tones

2013 Editors' Choice Awards
Our annual collection of noteworthy gear and technology
2013 Editors' Choice Awards

Continuous Lights For Still & Video
Constant lighting solutions, from traditional fixtures to new led systems
Continuous Lights For Still & VideoContinuous lighting solutions have seen a lot more attention over the last few years thanks to the need for a constant light source that will provide illumination for both stills and video.

Studio Strobes
Monolights for premium studio light
Studio StrobesWhen people refer to a monolight or a strobe, they're talking about a light that produces a short, but very powerful burst of light for illuminating a scene or a subject and, when used to their maximum abilities, for freezing the actions of a subject or achieving high levels of sharpness in a scene.

Flash & Accessories
Extensive lighting possibilities with a single flash
Flash & AccessoriesThere are more choices to consider than your camera maker's dedicated system flash, as well.

Essential Accessories
Filters, power charges, memory cards and other extras can go long way in improving your shooting experience
Essential AccessoriesFiguring out the right camera and lens probably takes up most of the time you spend thinking about gear.


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