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Without the right digital photography equipment, you can't produce the work you want to. Get the inside scoop on the latest photo gear to hit the market and learn a few tips for making the most of your setup.

Bags & Cases
Choose the perfect bag to fit your storage and travel needs
Bags & CasesThere are a variety of options in bags and cases, including shoulder bags, satchels, backpacks, roller bags, sling bags and hard cases.

Continuous Lights For Still & Video
For maximum versatility, continuous lights let you move from still to motion shooting without changing gear
Continuous Lights For Still & VideoNow that you own a DSLR with HD video, it's time to look beyond existing lights and speedlights, at ways that you can light the shot yourself for still and motion.

Buying Your First Monolight
Tips for choosing and using these versatile, reasonably priced studio strobes
Buying Your First MonolightYou've reached a point in your photography where you feel that shoe-mount flash just won't cut it anymore. You want something with more panache that says, "I'm good; I'm taking professional-level pictures."

Flash & Flash Accessories
Third-party speedlights, accessories and light modifiers create a highly portable and affordable lighting system that you can take anywhere
Flash & Flash AccessoriesPhotography is all about light. Making a dramatic, compelling image often comes down to how effective the photographer is at using the available light.

Tripods & Supports
The best gear for getting stable shots and smooth video
Tripods & SupportsA tripod is the most dependable way to gain absolute sharpness in any situation and at any shutter speed

LensesAlthough it may be more fun to shop for a new camera, a new lens probably will do more to spark creativity and open new possibilities.


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