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Without the right digital photography equipment, you can't produce the work you want to. Get the inside scoop on the latest photo gear to hit the market and learn a few tips for making the most of your setup.

2009 Editor's Picks
The PCPhoto editors pick some of the best products and technologies for the new year
2009 Editor's Picks

Looking for a perfect holiday gift for the “To Me, From Me” under the tree? We’ve compiled our annual list of a few of our favorite gear and accessories about which you’ll want to start dropping hints. From updated versions of essential tools to totally new ideas to make your photography more successful and enjoyable, this year’s list includes some of the most exciting technologies we’ve ever covered.

Toolbox: Digital Photo Frames
Share your images with the digital take on a familiar photo frame
Toolbox: Digital Photo FramesDespite the variety of options available for sharing images, nothing has the classical appeal of a photo frame, and digital has made the possibilities even more fun. Images can be presented on bright, vivid LCD screens in beautiful slideshows of single or multiple images. A variety of sizes are available for hanging on walls, placement around the house or on desks in the studio or office, and even as portable key chains. Uploading images often is as simple as plugging in a memory card, and modern digital photo frames can display images from wireless connections—one service even makes it possible to update a frame by telephone for family members who don’t have a computer.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Specialty Papers & Inks
Experiment with third-party and exotic inkjet media for creative results
Buyer's Guide 2009: Specialty Papers & Inks

Conventional wisdom says that for the best-looking prints, you should stick with your printer manufacturer's papers and inks. It's not bad advice because their printer-software drivers are fine-tuned for those inks and papers to ensure excellent results and print longevity. But if you only print with the standard photo stock, you're missing a chance to make an artistic choice.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Photo Workstations
Upgrading to a faster, more powerful machine can dramatically improve your speed in the digital darkroom
Buyer's Guide 2009: Photo WorkstationsWith so many factors to weigh, deciding which computer best fits your photographic needs is a challenge. Consider power and expandability first. Dual-core processors now are the standard in today's high-performance notebooks and desktops. With this technology, each chip serves as two processors in one, so the computer performs faster while consuming less power.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Must-Have Accessories
Essential gear to make your photography more efficient, fun and creative
Buyer's Guide 2009: Must-Have AccessoriesCamera bags are especially important as they perform two vital functions, protecting your gear from damage and keeping it all organized. Available in a range of sizes, shapes and styles, there's no perfect bag for everyone, but there's a perfect bag for you, your equipment and the types of photography you do.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Lenses
What to know about the most important part of your camera system
Buyer's Guide 2009: LensesCameras get all the attention. When a new camera is expected from one of the big players, the rumor mill starts up and bloggers frantically conjecture at what new features and technologies it might have.

New Nikon 50mm f/1.4 Lens
Ultra-fast Prime For the FX-format
New Nikon 50mm f/1.4 LensMELVILLE, N.Y. (Sept. 22, 2008) - Nikon Inc. celebrates 75 years of defining optical excellence with the release of the newly engineered AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4 prime lens that is considered by many photographers to be an essential tool with a focal length that closely replicates the visual perspective of the human eye when used with an FX-format D-SLR. Nikon's optical expertise and modern technological advances, such as the Silent Wave Motor, help to deliver outstanding operation that is critical for Nikon FX and DX-format photographers who demand the pinnacle of photographic performance.

How To Build A Camera System
Selecting cameras, lenses and accessories for your favorite subjects
How To Build A Camera SystemWhen you buy a D-SLR, you're choosing more than just a camera—you're selecting a system of lenses and accessories, as well. Camera features like sensor size and resolution, metering and autofocus technology, exposure modes and so on are all important considerations; but you'll also want to look beyond the camera at the range of additional options available for the models you're evaluating.

Lighten Up
Available in a variety of price ranges, lighting kits are creative tools that give you control over your photographs
Lighten UpWhether you're shooting portraits, still lifes or even eBay product shots, the subtlest changes in lighting can have a profound impact on the final image, and studio lighting kits offer more than subtle changes—they offer complete control.


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